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Character Creation

Start by choosing a background from the [[Praxian Backgrounds]] or [[Nonhuman Backgrounds]]

Roll your Stats as determined by your race. Humans being more versatile than other races roll an extra D6 for each stat and drop the lowest die. You may rearrange your stats as long as the die rolls for the two stats are the same.

Figure your common skills and secondary attributes. This reference page this helpful.

Gain the skills associated with your Background.

All players start with the Common Magic skill at base+30% and Tradetalk at INT X 5%

Choose a profession and gain the skills associated with your profession.

Choose a Cult and mark down the cult skills on your character sheet. You will need to have five of the skills at at least 30% to qualify for initiate membership. If you can get five of the skills to at least 50% you will qualify for Adept/Acolyte membership.

Spend 250* Skill points to raise you skills. To gain an advanced skill you do not currently know costs 10 skill points. You may not spend more than 30 points on any one skill.

You may gain +10% to up to two skills by having a connection with another character. Detail your connection with the character to gain the bonus.

Gain 6 points of Common Magic.

Roll for your family background and background events.

Gain any magic, gifts, or geas granted by your cult.

Spend your starting money.You start with one of each kind of weapon you have skill in.

Each player starts with one special item of gear. Get with the GM to see what yours is.

*If you are a Dragonewt you generate your skill points differently.

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