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Nomad Cults

Nomad Cults

The cults of the Praxian nomads are spirit cults for the most past offering Common and Spirit magic to their followers. Praxian nomads are often members of more than one spirit cult. A few of the cults also practice divine magic.

All shaman must learn the spirit walking and spirit binding skills. These skills are counted as cult skills in all spirit cults.

The gods of the Nomads have no one leader. Many of the nomads revere Waha as their spiritual leader, but he is far from the most powerful of thier gods.

Spirit Cult Advancement

Spirit Cults have 4 ranks, a cult member must prove their skill in order to progress through the ranks. Individual cults may have additional requirements.

Rank 1 Follower
- Must be familiar with the beliefs of the cult and donate a small amount of money. Lay members may access the skill and spell trainers of the cult. A follower can see nearby spirits.

Rank 2 Spirit Worshiper
- Must know 5 of the required skills of the cult at 30%. Learns Skill and Spells from the order at half price. The character is also now considered a lay member of all allied cults. A worshiper can communicate with nearby spirits.

Rank 3 Shaman
- Must know 5 of the required skills of the cult at 50%. Learns to travel to the spirit place. Shaman must enter the spirit world and face the Bad Man to prove their skill. A Shaman also gains a fetch, which assists him in his magic.

Rank 4 High Shaman - Must know 5 of the required skills of the cult at 75%, Skill training is free and all cult spells are half price. High Shaman can drag other into the spirit world with them.

Spirit lords
- A few of the spirit cults may recognize a spirit lord separate from a high shaman. Spirit lords have a more martial bent than high shaman but are otherwise the same.

The Nomad Gods

Ancestor Worship
Many of the nomads worship the spirits of their ancestors. The shaman of the cult can summon their ancestors for advice, guidance, and magical power.
Cult Skills:Any Spear Combat Style. Sling, Bow. Resilience, Ride, Track,Survival, Lore (Ancestor)

Beast Spirit Cult
Some nomads worship powerful animal spirits, such as the great bear spirit. Most of the animal nomads of Prax are followers of the spirit cult of their herd animal.
Cult Skills:Lore (Specific Animal), Survival, Tracking

Daka Fal
Daka Fal is the guardian of the spirit world and the dead. He was the first shaman and taught those who came after him how to communicate with the dead.
Cult Skills:Culture (Own), Lore (Funeral Rites), Lore (Prepare Corpse)

Foundchild is the cult of the nomad hunters. His followers are also the protectors of their tribe, hunting down and destroying any monsters that threaten them. Foundchild has Spirit Lords, who are greatest hunters of their tribe.
Cult Skills:All Spear and Bow Combat Styles, Lore (Hunting), Lore (Regional), Perception, Stealth, Survival, Tracking

Horned Man
Horned Man is the Grandfather of all shaman. Only shaman and high shaman of other cults may join the Horned Man cult.
Cult Skills:Meditation is the only skill taught or required by the Horned Man, other than Spirit Binding and Walking.

Kargzant is the spirit cult of the the great fiery horse. He is the cult of the horse riding nomads who invaded Prax from Pent.
Cult Skills:Athletics, Brawn, Evaluate, Lore (Kargzant), Lore (Regional),Perception,Ride, Spirit Binding, Spirit Walking, Stealth, Survival,Track, all Spear and Bow Combat Styles.

The Storm Bull
The Storm Bull is the same god as Urox, of the storm tribes. Storm Bull came to Prax and fought the Devil. His followers seek out and destroy chaos wherever it is found. Many warriors of the Praxian tribes worship Storm Bull. Storm Bull is a divine cult rather than a spirit cult and his followers must form a Pact with him. His cult has Runelords and Runepriests rather than Shaman.
Cult Skills
Any Combat Style involving sword or axe, Storm Bull Combat Style (any two handed weapon), Brawn, First Aid, Lore (Storm Bull), Resilience, Survival.

Waha is the son of Storm Bull and Erithra, the earth mother. He taught the first nomads how to survive on the plains of Prax, how to revere their ancestors, and how to worship his parents. Nearly all nomads are followers of Waha. Waha's cult has both spirit lords and shaman.
Cult Skills:Any Spear Combat Style (close quarters and ranged), Athletics,Culture (Prax), Lore (Regional), Lore (Waha), Resilience,Ride, Survival, Tracking.
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