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Beyond the Zola Fel valley lie the Plains of Prax, an unforgiving wilderness covered in the shattered remains of the Gods War.

This is the sacred land of the Animal Nomads and their herds, who travel from the blasted Wastes in the east to commune with their ancestors and perform their rites. They resist the growing incursions of Wyrmfriends, settlers and foreigners into their Holy Land, but it is Pavis for which they hold a deep hatred. Since the City’s inception they have battered its walls, sometimes in victory, but also in bitter and ignoble defeat.

The shamanic Animal Nomads are the heirs of Waha the Butcher, son of Storm Bull the Berserk Chaos Killer and husband of Eiritha the Herd Mother. Waha and his kin created the traditions that allow survival the wasteland. Men are the warriors, hunter and butchers and women are the herders, healers and tenders. It is the herds that are paramount to this existence, providing food, materials and mounts. It is the duty of all to defend the herd against enemies, especially Chaos, the most dangerous foe, which still lurks in the Wastes.

There are five great nations, the fierce Bison, pygmy Impala, aloof High Llama, proud Sable and the inhuman Morokanth, who herd humans not beasts. There are many smaller tribes, from the staunch Rhino folk to the unlikely Ostrich riders.
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