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Awesome Points Menu

House Rules (Officially used during game, therefore moved to its own Wiki)

New Rule: Awesome points (Poker Chips) can be used as currency.


Awesome Point Menu:
-Recharge an Encounter Power -----1AP
-Recharge a Daily Power----------2AP
-Regain 1 Healing Surge--------1AP
-Turn a miss into a hit (At-Will or MBA/RBA Only)---1AP
-Turn an Enemy hit (non-crit) into a miss-1AP
-Turn an Enemy crit into a normal hit-1AP

Note: Only 1 Awesome point may be used per encounter per player, and only one awesome point may be used to modify any given action. However, you CAN give your awesome point to someone else on your turn BEFORE the instance where it will be used.

If you wish to recharge a daily by using 2 action points, you may do so during a short rest.
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