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What has Happened Before Part 1

What has Happened Before Part 1

The game takes place in Seattle Washington. The game will pick up a year or so after the end of the last campaign. The PC's played villains who were hired by The Owl to help him take over Seattle from the myterious gang leader known as "The King."

The Owl brought in Thrasher, an altered human pre-cog with extensive military training, an amour wearer by the name Akira (not her name, but a place holder until I find the real name) who could control earth and Bane, a cat-like mutant with a penchant for coffee. Their first assignment was to get intel on The King. It took them a little longer than they thought. During this assignment they brought in a new guy, Jonah, but he didn't last long. They also lost Akira and gained Neffshae, a fae with magical powers. Eventually, they got the info they were looking for and it turns out, The Owl had the intel already, he was just testing them.

At one point, they instigated a war between the Bloods, the Crips and the Surenos on the eastside of Seattle. They did this by assassinating "Cool Hand" Luke Campbell, the Bloods second in command. Campbell kept the leader of the Bloods, Brutus "Brutal" Brocious from going hog wild. With Luke gone, Brocious rain hell down on the other two gangs.

The PCs then proceeded to do other various activities that infuriated The King. They robbed his banks, hasseled his gangs, found out which public officials were in his pocket and other things. They had run ins with heroes and with S.H.I.E.L.D. They also brought in a couple of new villains, High Voltage and Pantzer.

Their big break was when one of The King's lieutenants decided to break breaks and actualy bring in other supers to fight the Owl's men. The PC's managed to infiltrate this group. At this meeting, they discovered the King was coming into town for a meeting. With this info, they managed to kidnap the King without even facing the heavy hitters the lieutenant brought in. He turned out to be a fae who really liked Elvis and not supers. In a final confrontation, they killed him.
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