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Character Creation

You character has 6 Stats

Strength - Physcial Fitness and Melee Combat
Dexterity - Agility, Reflexes, and Ranged Combat
Endurance - Stamina, Determniation, and ability to withstand damage.
Intelligence - Intellect and quickness of mind, many skills are based on Int
Education - Measure of your education, also used in many skills
Social - Overall social standing and ability to interact with people.

Your Str and End figure in to how much damage you can withstand before falling unconscious.

Roll 2d6 Nine times pick the 6 highest and assign them to your stats as you see fit. Stats 9 or above provide bonuses, stats 5 or lower give you penalties.

Choose Assets and Complications.
Every character starts with one Major Asset or 2 Minors assets.You may select one additional major asset or up to 2 minor assets.

A Major asset must be balanced with a Major complication or 2 minor complications. A minor asset is balanced with minor complication, or 2 minor assets can be balanced with a major complication.

Pick 2 Homeworld Skills.

Agricultural: Animals 0
Asteroid: Zero-G 0
Desert: Survival 0
Fluid Oceans: Seafarer 0
Garden: Animals 0
High Technology: Computers 0
High Population: Streetwise 0
Ice-Capped: Vacc Suit 0
Industrial: Trade 0
Low Technology: Survival 0
Poor: Animals 0
Rich: Carouse 0
Water World: Seafarer 0
Vacuum: Vacc Suit 0

Select 1 + your Edu Modifier background skills

Admin 0, Advocate 0, Art 0, Carouse 0, Comms 0, Computer 0, Drive
0, Engineer 0, Language 0, Medic 0, Physical Science 0, Life Science 0, Social Science 0, Space Science 0, Trade 0.

You are now age 18.

Select a Career.
You may not select a career you have already been in. Roll to Qualify for the Career (You automatically qualify for your first Career) If you do not qualify you may enter the draft or choose the drifter career.

If this is your first time in the career gain all basic skills.

Choose a specialization.
Choose a skill from your specialization.

Roll to survive the Career.
You automatically pass your first survival roll. If you fail the survival Roll, suffer a Mishap. Mishaps usually force you to leave the career and lose the benefit for this term.

Roll for an Event.
You may establish a connection with another character during your event to obtain a bonus skill.

Roll for Career Advancement.
If you succeed choose a skill from your specialty.
If you fail and roll less than the number of terms you have been in this career, your career ends.
Military characters roll for commission rather than advancement.

Increase your age by 4 years. If you are 38 or older roll for Aging. Maximum starting age is 42.

Roll for Benefits

After completing all careers,you get 1 Benefit per full term served and for every 2 ranks obtained.

Receive Campaign Skill Package

Purchase Equipment

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