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Some assets and complications have both a major and minor version. The major version of all assets always includes the bonus for the minor assets as well.

You are very attractive and know how to "work it."
Minor: +1 to all rolls involving seduction, negation or persuasion.
Major: All plot points spent on these actions count double.

You are an exceptional athlete.
Minor: +1 to all rolls involving running jumping, climbing or other exertion of physical activity.
Major: All plot points spent on these actions count double.

Born behind the wheel
You were born to drive, fly, or pilot. Pick one type of vehicle.
Minor: +1 to all rolls involving your chosen type of vehicle.
Major: All plot points involving your chosen vehicle count double.
This assets make be taken multiple times, choose a different type of vehicle each time.

Cortex Specter
You are a ghost in the systems cortex.
Minor: -6 to all rolls for anyone to find out information about you on the Cortex.
Major: They is literally no record of you anywhere. This can sometimes work to your disadvantage.

Fightn' Type
When it comes to a fight you can handle yourself.
Major: You may take one extra non-attack action in combat without incurring penalties.

Friends in High Places
You know people who know important people.
Minor:You can spend one or more plot points per session to call in a favor or get a loan.

Friends in Low Places
You know people who know shady people.
Minor:You can spend one or more plot points per session to call in a favor or get a loan.

Good Name
You have a reputation either good or bad.
Minor: +1 to all Social rolls with those who would be impressed by your reputation.
Major: Everyone has heard of you for one reason or another. All social rolls are +1. However, sometimes its hard to be discreet.

Healthy as a Horse
You hardly ever get sick and recover faster than most folks.
Minor: +1 to all rolls to resist disease or infection.
Major: All plot points spent to resist disease or infection are doubled. Also you recover from wounds twice as fast.

Heavy Tolerance
You are highly resistant to drugs and alcohol.
Minor: +1 to all rolls to resist the effects of alcohol, drugs, gases, toxins, and poison.

Highly Educated
You actually paid attention in school.
Minor: +1 to all rolls that involve recalling information from a Int based skill.

Intimidating Manner
You have a steely eyed stare that makes people think twice about crossing you. Minor: +1 to all rolls that involve intimidation or to resist intimidation.

People look to you in a crisis.
Minor: +1 to any rolls involving leadership or you may give a +1 bonus to the entire crew if they are working toward the same goal.
Major: You can spend your plot points for someone else.

Lightning Reflexes
You may not be the fastest gun in the 'verse but you are one of em.
Major: You get +2 on initiative checks.

Math Whiz
You are a human calculator.
Minor: +1 to any rolls involving mathematics. You can do simple math in your head in an instant.

Mean Left Hook
You can kill someone with your bare hands.
Minor: +2 damage to unarmed attacks.

Mechanical Empathy
You have a way with machines.
Minor: +1 to rolls involving mechanics or engineering.
Major: Plot points you spend on mechanics and engineering count double.

Military Rank
You must choose if you were in the Browncoats or the Alliance and if you were an officer or enlisted.
Minor: +1 bonus to all rolls when dealing with members of your same group.

You're loaded. You have a reason other than money for being part of the crew.
Major: Any money you start with is multiplied by 1.5 You can dip into your savings to purchase things you can't afford by spending plot points and making a Broker+Social roll.

Natural Linguist
You've got an ear for languages and can pick up a new one with ease
Minor: You can learn a new language in half the normal training time. You get +1 to all rolls to recognize or imitate a particular dialect.

Nature Lover
You're at home in the outdoors.
Minor: +1 to all survival and recon rolls when in an outdoor setting.

Nose for Trouble
You seem to know that trouble is about to start before it happens.
Minor: You can make a rool to notice trouble even when you wouldn't normally be able to.
Major: You may spend a plot point to not be surprised.

You are psionicly gifted.
Minor: Roll 2d6 for Psion power,You have the telepathy(0) Skill.
Major: You make take the Psion Career.

Registered Companion
You possess an active license in the Companion Registry, which legally permits you to do business throughout the system. (Note: Most Companions also have the Allure Asset)
Minor: +1 to all social rolls when dealing with those who respect companions.
You must follow all the rules of the Companions guild to maintain your status.


You follow the tenets of a particular faith.
Minor: +1 to all rolls when dealing with those of your faith.
Major: You are a priest or representative or your particular faith. Any plot points spent when dealing with people who respect your faith count double.

Sharp Sense

One of your senses is especially keen.
Minor: +1 to all perception rolls involving your chosen sense. This asset may be taken more than once, choose a different sense each time.

Steady Calm
You have nerves of steel.
Minor: +1 to all rolls to avoid being shaken, frightened or startled.
Major:You are never rattled except in extreme situations.

Sweet and Cheerful
No power in the ‘Verse can stop you from being cheerful. You are so doggoned nice that most folks
just can’t help but like you.
Minor:+1 to any rolls where your sweet and likeable nature comes into play.

You have a knack for a particular skill. Pick a Skill specialization when you choose this asset.
Minor:+1 to all rolls with your chosen specialization.
Major: Plot points spent on your specialization count double.

Things Go Smoohter
Lady Luck Smiles on you.
Minor:once per session you may re-roll any die roll except a botch.
Major:you can re-roll twice per session including a botch.

Total Recall
You can remember almost anything you've seen or heard.
Major:+1 to any roll which involves remembering something you've seen or heard. You may also spend a plot point to remember every detail of a past encounter or conversation.

Tough as Nails
Minor: You have 2 extra life points.
Major: You have 2 more life points. (4 Total)

Trustworthy Gut
You've learned to trust your hunches.
Minor: +1 to any int, edu, or social roll involving intuition.
Major:You may ask the GM a straight yes/no question. Follow up questions cost one more point than the last.

Two Fisted
You can use either hand effectively well.
Major: no penalties for off hand actions.

Walking Timepiece
You always know what time it is or how much time has past.
Minor:You can tell down to the second how long its been or what time of day it is.

Wears a Badge
You represent the Law in some form or another.
You can call upon the resources of your agency or enforce the laws in your jurisdiction. +1 to all rolls to influence those who respect your authority.
Minor:You are a lawman from a single planet or a region of one of the more populated planets.
Major:You authority is systems wide,(Federal Marshall, Colonial Ranger, Interpol, Parliamentary Operative)

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