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Campaign Introduction


Get a ship.

Find a Crew.

Keep Flying.

Your characters are the crew of a spaceship in the Firefly 'verse. Some might call your ship a "tramp freighter" or "cargo hauler", you call it home. Your only goal is finding the next job so you can keep your ship flying.

There are some themes that set the 'Verse apart from other Sci-Fi settings.

No Aliens - As far as anyone knows humans are alone in the 'Verse

No FTL - The 'verse is comprised of four star systems with overlapping planetary orbits. The spaceships of the 'verse can travel from planet to planet with little trouble but there is no faster than light travel.

Sci-Fi Western -The rapid expansion out from the core worlds means that the border and rim planets often resemble the old west more than a hi-tech sci-fi world.

Gorram Chinese - When the colony ships left earth-that-was, the ships were built and crewed by 2 countries, China and the United States, almost everyone in the 'verse is fluent in both languages. It's considered "stylish" to swear in Chinese.

We'll be using the Traveller rules for this campaign. Traveller has a unique character creation system. You roleplay the creation of your crew by choosing a starting career and then rolling dice to see which skills you acquire, if anything bad happens to you, and if you get any special bonuses.

Here's the possible careers for your character. It's possible for your character to stay in the same career the entire creation process or to bounce around between a lot of careers. For example, Mal started out as a colonist on Shadow, then joined the army but ended up on the losing side. He then bought Serenity and become a Free Trader.

Each career has a number of specializations that you can choose from. Some of the careers may not sound very interesting but the less glamorous ones provide some of the best skills. "Citizen" may not sound cool but it has a lot of good skills.

The careers listed below are the core careers, and cover almost anything you could want to play in a Sci-Fi game. There are a lot of highly specialized careers from the various traveller expansion books, so if you have a cool idea for your character just let me know, there is certain to be a career that covers it.


Spies, operatives, and law enforcement agents. Professionals that work in and around the criminal world.

The ground pounders. The army deals with combat operations on the ground and in the air.

The working stiffs of the 'verse: corporate employees, blue collar workers, and colonists.

Wanderers, Hitchhikers, and general folks who roam the 'verse without real purpose. (Bum has such a negative connotation.)

Individuals involved with the media or personal entertainment. Companions are an entertainer of a sort.

Marines are specially trained for combat aboard spaceships, including boarding actions and planetary invasions.

There are 2 kinds of mercenaries. The first kind are professional soldiers who are hired by governments to bolster their military. The second kind kills people for money. Its easier to be a merc if you have previous military experience.

Commerce makes the 'verse go around. If the military isn't for you then the merchant career is the place to learn the ins and outs of spaceships.

You served as crew on a military spaceship, either for one of the Rim worlds or the Alliance.

Upper class individuals who perform little consistent function, but have large amounts of cash. Sort of like a drifter but with more baths.

You are gifted with Psionic abilities and may have been trained to use them. You must have the Psionic Asset to choose this career.

Agents may skirt the edges of the criminal world. Rogues jump right in with both feet.

Individuals of high intelligence or personal drive who have been trained in technology, science, research, or medicine.

Scouts like to go where no one has gone before and explore strange new worlds.

If you want more info on the specializations in each career, look here. [[Detailed Careers]]

In addition to your career, you'll also select Assets and Complications to round out your character. These are just what they sound like, Assets help your character while complications make it harder to get the job done.



Here's what the Assets, Complications, and careers for the [[Crew of Serenity]] look like to give you an idea.

You will start the game with a ship. During your careers you will earn "ship shares" which determine how much of the ship your character owns, and how much the group as a whole owes on the ship itself once the game starts. There's a reason the Serenity crew was always broke, spaceships are EXPENSIVE!

If you want to take a look at how the career system works, here's an [[example character creation]] that I did.
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