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"King's Ferry" Review

I have recently been playing many text adventure games, and one that stood out to the most was titled “Knight’s Ferry” by Kara T. It isn’t a very long story, but it is very entertaining. You play as a young college student taking a Biology class, and you are currently out in the field researching reptiles and amphibians. You are very reluctant, but go on with your task anyways. Your tasks included finding one of each creature you need to research and record your data. You can either be hands-on with your research or simply go your own way and be reluctant and distracted.

Throughout the game there are many parts where the fourth wall is broken and you can ask “yourself” a question. For example, there may be a word or term you don’t understand, and there is an option to ask what it means in a comical fashion. I really enjoy that aspect of the game because it teaches you the meaning of a couple of terms you may have never heard of before, and it explains them very plainly.

Also, you are given many hilarious choices on how to react to certain happenings, and it really keeps you involved. While playing, I found myself laughing at many of the choices. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys text adventure games. I believe it will always be a favorite of mine.

Link to the game:
King's Ferry - Inklewriter
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