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Be a Crime Investigator

(“For every crime there is a series of evidence that is left behind that can lead law enforcement to the facts behind the incident.” Idaho Public Television, 14). Finding the evidence is the number one job you have to do. You have to have patience and not get emotionally attached to a person involved in a case.You have to take steps to secure your crime scene, while being careful of cross contamination.

To find all the evidence that you can find you must be patient. Look over everything carefully because you never know when you might run across something that could break the case wide open. There is a bunch of evidence that can exist at a crime scene:soil, glass, plants, fibers, tire tracks, liquids, chemicals, and fingerprints.Fingerprints are a big break for a case because if you match them you can find the suspect or a witness. Drugs are a piece of evidence that can link you to the reason for committing the crime.

To be a great crime scene investigator you have to focus on your job. When you get emotionally attached to a victim, it can cause you not to do your job to the best of your ability. There is a difference in caring for the victim and wanting the best for them instead of getting emotional on the job. The victim sometimes makes a good witness.

When you are at the crime scene you must take steps in securing it. You cannot just go to the crime scene, find the evidence, and leave.You must take time to secure it and make sure no one can come in and mess with the crime scene. When gathering your evidence from the crime scene, you must tape around the scene to make sure no one walks over it. Wear gloves to make sure your fingerprints do not cross contaminate someone else's. That is why each piece of evidence is stored in a separate plastic container.

These are a few things you have to do as a crime scene investigator. I do believe that these are some of the main characteristics that make you a great investigator.


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