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The races available to play are Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Human, and Halfling. Playing a non-human races grants some special abilities but limits the classes that you can play. Non-humans are allowed to multi-class,however. Humans can be any class. They may not mutli-class but can change classes when they gain a level.

House Rules: Non-human races are not limited to a maximum level. Non-human races have more classes available to them as noted below.

Dwarves have a +4 save vs magic, can detect secret doors and traps in stonework, and infra-vision 60'.

Dwarves may be Fighters, Thieves, Fighter/Thieves, or Fighter/Clerics.

Elves have darkvision 60', and can detect secret doors. Elves cannot be paralyzed by ghouls.

Elves may be Thieves, Fighter/Magic-Users, or Fighter/Magic-User, Thieves.

Half-elves have darkvision 60', and can detect secret doors. They are not immune to ghoul paralyzation.

Half-Elves can be Fighter/Magic-Users, Fighter/Clerics Fighter/Magic-User/Clerics, Fighter/Magic-User/Thieves, and Thieves.

Halflings have +4 on save vs magic and +1 to hit with missile weapons.
Halflings can be Fighters, Thieves, or Fighter/Thieves.

Humans have no inherent special abilities, however they have access to all classes including the specialized sub-classes:Ranger, Paladin, Druid, Assassin,and Monk.

Mutli-class characters
Non-human characters may multi-class, as specified by their race. A multi-class character gains all the abilities of both classes, but must follow all the restrictions of both as well. Any xp gained is divided equally among all the classes.


The assassin is a sub-class of the thief. Assassins can use all weapons,gain thief skills at 3rd level, can use poisons, disguise themselves, and backstab. Assassins cannot be lawful.

House Rules:+2 save vs poison, use the cleric attack bonuses, add level to backstab damage.


The good ole cleric that everyone knows and loves. Clerics get Healing spells, turn undead, can wear any armor, and only use blunt weapons. (Some deities allow more weapons.) Clerics are rarely neutral and must be an alignment allowed by their deity. They gain a +2 bonus on saves vs paralyztion and poison.

House rules: Clerics can cast cure light wounds once per day in addition to their normal spells. They gain one bonus spell from their deity. Choose a deity from the list of [[Deities]] or make up your own. A Cleric with a Wis of at least 15 gains a spell at first level.

Druids are clerics who worship nature rather than a specific deity. Druids must be neutral. Druids gain a host of special abilities, including the ability to shape change into an animal at 5th level.

Fighters are the core combat class. Fighters are the only class that can benefit from a STR higher than 16. Fighters are also deadly archers adding together their STR and DEX bonus when using a bow. Fighters with a DEX higher than 13 can parry attacks in combat.

Magic-users start out the game as the weakest class, but become one of the most powerful at higher levels. Magic Users cannot wear armor and are very limited on weapons. (which is just as well since they are terrible with them anyway.) Magic-Users gain a +2 bonus to saves vs spells.

House Rules:Magic-Users can cast detect magic and read magic once per day in addition to their other spells.

Monks are a unique class. They have the same attack bonus as fighters but cannot wear armor. They gain some of the thieves abilities as well as their own unique special abilities. Like magic-users, monks start our weak but are very powerful at higher levels.

House Rule: Monks can use potions.

Paladins are a sub-class of the fighter. Paladins have the best saving throws, can lay on hands, and are immune to diseases. They cannot cast cleric spells, but gain some abilities that are similar to cleric spells. Paladins must be Lawful.

Rangers are a sub-class of fighter. Rangers protect civilization from the chaotic monster races. They hide in the forests watching the movements of the monster bands and warning nearby settlements. Rangers can track, gain both Magic-User and Cleric spells, and have bonus damage vs giants and goblins. Rangers must be lawful.

In OD&D, "thief" means "adventurer." Thieves are the one class that has all the skills needed to sneak around in dungeons safely and make off with the treasure. Any race can be a thief and thieves can be any non-lawful alignment.

House Rules: Thieves use the cleric attack table. Thieves can use any magic weapon.

House rule:

Bards were presented as an optional class in OD&D. The bard is a jack-of-all-trades character, combining some of the abilities of thieves, fighters, and magic-users. Bards can be any race and may not multi-class. Bards can be any alignment.

House Rules:

No level limit for non-human bards.
Bards can cast spells while wearing leather armor.
Bards can use shields
Bards can wear mithril chain, which does not penalize thieving skills and allows spell casting.
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