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Woodland Ranger Skills

Forest and Woodland Environment
Tracking (UA pp 21-22)

Wilderness Survival (Dragon #106 p. 30 Table 4)
Locate water and natural foods, create shelter and provide warmth

Hunting (Dragon #106 p. 30 Table 5)
Any form of live hunting with weapons and fishing

Trapping and snaring (Dragon #106 p. 30 Table 6)
Trap to capture an live animal and snare to kill for food

Stalking Silently (Dragon #106 p. 30 Table 7)
Must be done alone and must not run

Trackless movement (Dragon #106 p. 30 Table 8)
Must be done alone and must not run

Animal and plant lore (Dragon #106 p. 30 Table 9)
Knowledge of animal habits , food, shelter, migration, danger and uses as well as familiarity of calls and sounds
Identify poisons and diseases caused by Animals and Plants
Plant applications, uses and identification

Scouting and Spying (Dragon #106 p. 31 Table 10)
Gathering information (Looking and Lurking)

Infiltration (Dragon #106 p. 31 Table 11)
Getting into a place successfully

At 3rd level. One Minor disguise and all equipment

Critical First Aid (Dragon #106 p. 31)
If a player is at negative hit points and dying a ranger has a 20% +3%/level to heal them for 1-4 hp after stabilizing. This calls for the use of proper healing herbs and specific treatment given.
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