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Character Creation

All players should pick a theme when creating a character. Themes offer additional play options as well as create meaningful character hooks to draw you into the story.

I encourage you to pick a theme from the Neverwinter Campaign Setting, or one of the other themes I have suggested below. Now that the campaign has gotten rolling, if there's a different theme you're interested in, just let me know.

Neverwinter Noble (Human): A true heir to neverwinter, wishing to reclaim your birthright.
Oghma's faithful: Gifted with divine visions, perhaps destined to rebuild the House of Knowledge
Harper Agent: A betrayed Harper Agent trying to win the trust of the organization (secret hero squad)
Dead Rat Deserter (Human, Halfling, Half-elf): A former thieves' guild member; also a wererat
Illyanbruen Guardian (Eladrin): An eladrin returned from Faerie, seeking justice for your ravaged homelands
Uthgardt Barbarian (Human): A savage warrior seeking revenge
Pack Outcast (Human or Shifter): Cast out of a pack of dickish werewolves
Heir of Delzoun (Dwarf): Blood relative of ancient dwarf kings, questing to find the lost city of Gauntlgrym
Renegade Red Wizard (Mage): A Red Wizard no longer in the service to Thay, a nation of evil necromancers
Scion of Shadow (Human, Shadar-kai or Shade): A noble of Netheril who abandoned that land/defected to get away from all the bad guys
Devil's pawn: Marked by infernal powers--oops!; would be great for an infernal pact warlock/hexblade
Spellscarred Harbinger: Scarred by the Spellplague, haunted by nightmares
Bregan D'aerthe spy (Drow): A drow mercenary, but also pretty cool
Seeker of Illefarn (Eladrin, elf, or half-elf): Came to Neverwinter searching for lost elven ruins, answers
Son of Alagondar: A member of a fractured rebellion opposed to Lord Neverember's control.

Here are a couple more themes, not from Neverwinter, but doable. If one sounds interesting, check it out. Some of them will require a bit of creativity to fit into the Neverwinter setting.

From Into the Darkness: the Dungeon Survival Handbook:
Bloodsworn: You lost everything thanks to a cult of devil-worshippers. Now you have sworn to hunt down and exterminate them or die trying.
Escaped Thrall: You escaped from nightmarish creatures of the deep who experimented on you. (Details provided if you are interested--this theme would start with a Spellscar, and is especially good for anyone using psionic points)
Trapsmith: You are good at making traps. (A character who takes this theme should have a high Intelligence score.)

From the Dark Sun Campaign Setting:
Wilder: You have an innate psychic talent which sometimes flares out of control. (Ignore the Dark Sun specific flavor text. This theme would start with a Spellscar, and be tied into the campaign lore)

From Dragon magazine:
Infernal Prince: You are secretly the offspring of a devil
Outlaw: You were caught, apparently red-handed, and accused of a terrible crime. Rather than trust your fate to Neverwinter's loosely organized justice system, you went underground
Guttersnipe: You grew up on the mean streets Neverwinter, dodging gangs and the occasional monster, until being noticed one day by a wealthy patron who took you in
Wizard's Apprentice: You grew up in ruined Neverwinter, and taken in to be a wizard's apprentice as a youth. (You may feel free to invent a suitable mentor for yourself)


Don't forget to click "Use Inherent Bonuses" in the character builder.

New characters start with just enough XP to be the same level, or the same level as the lowest-level party member (in case of new players). Start with basic gear (Common items of your level - 1, your level, and your level + 1).

One item of your choice can be uncommon; If you really want to begin with a character-defining item (e.g. one that's rare or greater than your level + 1) talk to me.
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