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The Mother Load

In addition to the small loot you found during the adventure, here is what you can expect to earn from "The Mother Load." All of the values and expenses are estimates and could be adjusted up or down depending on skills rolls.

Three Alliance Patrol Ships
These ships can't be sold intact as they are illegal to own privately. They aren't capable of long distance travel in the black, so they wouldn't really be worth anything even to people who deal in illegal ships (like pirates.)

You can part out these ships for roughly 2 Mcr (2,000,000 credits) total. If you want to keep some of the weapons they will sell for somewhat less.

Alliance Cargo Ship
This ship is exactly the same ship class as the Ring of Fire. It can be sold whole for 3 Mcr. You could also part it out and take its sensors and engines and use them for the Ring. This would pretty much get the ship though. he rest of the ship could be sold for about 1.5 Mcr.

Alliance Refuler
This is an alliance capital ship and cannot be sold intact. The ship can be parted out for about 5 Mcr. You may want to keep the refueling system that is onboard so that you can recharge your own fuel cells. In this case the ship would be worth about 3.5 Mcr.

The refuler also has 2 shuttles and a "captain's gig" that can be kept or sold separately.

It will take roughly a year to dispense with the ships and realize their value. You'll need to pay for upkeep and living expenses for everyone for a year.

One of your shuttles is in need of serious repair. This will cost about 100k.

The firefly class ship you got as payment for the "Star Child" job can be sold for 300k as is. If you want to put about 500k of parts into it you could sell it for about 1 Mcr.

If you want to be able to use the asteroid outpost it needs about 1 Mcr worth of restoration work.

"Pissing it away" - None of you has enough discipline not to go out and blow at least some of the loot on alcohol, drugs, "companionship", or other entertainment. Depending on how well you can roll at the start of season two, you will have "pissed way" 5-20% of the loot.

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