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Recent History

Twenty-six years ago an event happened in Sanctuary. A cataclysm affected the city like no other before it. A crisp autumn day was interrupted by a rumbling earthquake. The city's walls and buildings shook and crumbled during the disaster. When the aftershocks had gone, the people sighed in relief; they had survived. Little did they know, the true horror would begin.

A chasm opened up beneath the poorest section of Sanctuary, known as the maze. The massive chasm swallowed much of the people and buildings into the darkness below. From that darkness came wretched things: demons, aberrants, the undead. Depending on who you asked, it was any one of such horrors. The people suffered greatly during this time. Eventually, a wall was erected using empty buildings and whatever material the citizens could find. The wall protected most of the people from the creatures, though some still occasionally found ways through. This cataclysm became known as the Fall, and has defined Sanctuary ever since.

The Fall claimed the lives of many citizens, including the ruling council and many nobles. Sanctuary fell into disarray and anarchy; an anarchy that would have continued were it not for the intervention of Dagult Theronall. His mercenaries helped solidify the failing military; is money aided in a more effective wall; and his merchant ties improved trade within the city. Some herald Lord Theronall as a savior. Others, however, see his so-called philanthropy as a bid for power and control.

Today, the city struggles to find identity and rebuild. Lord Theronall oversees much of Sanctuary's activities, but has appointed a local Yssge as mayor.
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