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There are many religions in the land, some more prominent than others. At one time, religion dominated politics, war, finances and just about every other aspect of Rankan life. Today, with the diminished empire of Ranke, organized religion has also become diminished. Common folk still pay tithing, lipservice, and attend regular services, but few lords seek divine guidance, and fewer city-states have a singular dominant religion.

The common religions of the land:

Pelor - The ancient deity of the Rankan people.

Amaunator - The new god of the Rankan people.

Kord - Part of the brothers in blood, Kord is the physical embodiment of strength, honor and the sea.

Selune - Ancient goddess of the Rankan people; the nightmaiden. Betrothed to Pelor and always connected to him.

The Raven Queen - Mortal enemy of Pelor, the dead queen, fate, mistress of time, queen of the dammned.

Bane - Part of the brothers in blood, Bane is the embodiment of conquest, leadership and the storm.

The Primal Spirits - Bastigen, Sset, Iceclaw, Lairleaf, and many more. The spirits of the land, ancient even to the gods.

Melora - The primal spirits given human form. Goddess of nature.

Erathis - The Azurian god of unity and construction.

Ioun - The concept that through gaining knowledge one can learn the truth in all things.
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