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Character Generation

Characters built using GURPS 4th Ed rules, with material primarily from GURPS Space, Biotech, Ultratech, and to a degree, Powers.

Characters built on 100 points, Max. 40 points of disads, 5 points of quirks.

Campaign tech level is 10 as a rule.

As campaign is aiming for "hard SF," magic and most obvious paranormal advantages, disadvantages, and skills are not available. Exceptions can be made for borderline-paranormal things like Luck, Animal Empathy, and so on, please ask.

Psychic characters ARE available, but they must be from the Ra system (see [[Psionics]]).

Characters are likely to have been either part of a corporate/government-sponsored colonization effort (military, science, government backgrounds a plus, Wealthy explorers able to buy their way in also possible) or someone who could ride on the coattails of such an individual (individuals without connections of some sort will find there to be very few "seats on the ark.")

Known playable races:

* Humans

* Human Subrace: H. Sapiens Cancri
Adapted for life on the Ash planet in the system, 55 Cancri (or "Ra" system). While anyone born on Ash may be strangely empathetic, the individuals genetically tailored to live on Ash have shown unusual psychic talents--though they tend toward pacifism and apathy, compared to their parent race.

* Uplifted animal: K-10
The K-10, or "Humanity's Best Friend (TM)," is a commercially-produced modification of the dog. Most are companion animals for the rich, servants and status-symbols. They are based on pure-breed dogs modified at a genetic level, and cannot reproduce naturally. As a category they border on true sentience, most can speak as eloquently as a surly teenager, though most are still animalistic and unreliable under high-stress situations.

Generally, K-10s will not have congenital physical disadvantages beyond the "doggy" ones of their race template, as these could have been detected before the character was "born."

Other uplifted animals are possible, but the K-10 has been widely accepted as "like a dog, but better!"

* Alien Race: [[Mazzakeem]]
Note: At this point, very little is known about the Mazzakeem. There are rumors of a Mexican village wiped out by "chupacabra," a few trash tabloid vids have shown an "autopsy" of a lizard-like thing, but nothing confirmed. Rumors of a four-armed, lightning-fast, man-sized lizard with poison fangs are probably gross exaggerations. Most people think they're a crazy rumor spawned by recent extraterrestrial discoveries.
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