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Beast of Lepidstadt Info

I considered adding these to the references section of the Wiki, but figured that a straight up wiki here would be better for adding / sharing / comparing notes.

Origins / workings:

Sightings for ~20 years
3 main rumors for who created it
Though it has its own intelligence, can still be controlled by its control rod
Record year for people actually witnessing beast committing crime.
Seems to be two (or more) flesh golems in the Lepidstadt area. (Other has scar on left arm)

Beast of Lepidstadt

Trial / Vieland and Lepidstadt Law:

General innocent until proven guilty law scheme.
Deciding upon by judges.
Though each day will focus on separate crime, judges will not make decision on any crime until all evidence presented.
New evidence may be introduced during trial presuming it is relevant to any of the crimes.

Beast of Lepidstadt
Embreth Daramid
Gustav Kaple
Punishing Man
Otto Heiger

To Do:
Establish there is another flesh golem out there that isn't this one.

Break-in at the university:

3 days ago
Clearly meant to steal the seasage effigy.
University or specifically Viaccari not revealing effigy was stolen because of its power.
Suspects: organized criminals (Sczarni), esoteric order of the palatine eye, whispering way
Beast on trial was clearly involved in crime
- Claims he didn't do it and has no memory of statue
- Object reading shows beast handing statue to homonculus
Dun found beast trashing antiquities storeroom

To Do:
More research on purpose / use of seasage effigy

Beast of Lepidstadt
University of Lepidstadt
Seasage Effigy
Aciarri Viaccari
Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye
Whispering Way

Arson at Karb Isle Sanctuary:

4 months ago
Vorkstag and Grine's Chymic Works
- Subject to rumor and mystery around town
- Employs a homunculus in their factory's tower
- What is connection to sanctuary?
Did the ghasts come upon the ruins naturally or were they placed / helped to go there?

To Do:
Return to sanctuary with spirit board and ask Dr. Brada questions (like about connection to Vorkstag & Grine)
Find out if the ghasts could have created / repaired the rope ladder
Investigate what exactly Vorkstag and Grine's Chymic works does
- Stakeout factory
- Research business - who delivers to them, who gets deliveries from them

Beast of Lepidstadt
Karb Isle Sanctuary
Vorkstag and Grine's Chymic Works

Kidnapping at Hergstag:

7 months ago
Beast used to live in area
Have most testimony from him about it
Have potential other perpetrator in "many-eyed ghost"
Is this only crime that beast "didn't" do (i.e. wasn't compelled by control rod to do?)
Three spinsters who used to live there now live in Lepidstadt are testifying against beast
What happened to hamlet?

To Do:
Interview spinsters
- find out why hamlet was abandoned)
Investigate Ghost

Beast of Lepidstadt

Murder and graverobbing at Morast:

1 year ago
Town Elder will come to Lepidstadt to testify
All graves dug up / empty.
3 people in village disappeared, never heard from again.
Beast chased off, suffered nasty bite from blood cayman upon escape.
Someone was clearly living on island
- Does fire pit correspond to year ago or is it more recent
- Bog mummy seems to correspond to fire pit age

To Do:
Use spirit board to ask a body why it was being dug up?
Ask town elder if he recognizes body
- When did it disappear?
See if Radniche or Mirn can identify mark on surgical supplies

Beast of Lepidstadt
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