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Advancement and Training

Skill Checks
The first time a character successfully uses a skill in an adventure the skill gets a check next to it. A character can get a second check by rolling a crit on the skill. If the first successful check of a sill is a crit then the character earns two checks. Only two checks may ever be earned on a skill during an adventure.

To roll off a skill check, roll a d100 and add the character's INT. If it is greater than or equal to the skill then the skill goes up by 1d4+1. If it is lower than the skill then it goes up by 1.

A character will receive between 3 and 5 XP per adventure. Note that the RQ rulebook calls XP "improvement rolls." If your character has an "improvement roll modifier",due to a high CHA they will gain bonus xp each adventure.

For 1 XP, a character may make a skill check on any skill of their choice.

For 2 XP, a character can get the base score in a new advanced skill.
The following skills CANNOT be learned by using XP and must be trained by a trainer: Craft, Culture, Engineering, Healing, Language Lore (with the exception of Lore (Regional)), Teaching, Sorcery and Manipulation, Spirit Walking and Spirit Binding.

It costs a number of XP equal to your current stat to raise it by 1. So if your STR is 15, then its takes 15 XP to raise it to 16.


Common Magic
It costs 1 XP per point of magnitude to learn a new common magic spell or increase it magnitude. For example, learning Bladesharp(3) costs 3 xp. Raising Bladesharp(2) to Bladesharp(3) costs 1 xp.

It also costs silver to learn or raise a common magic skill. These are the costs to learn a new skill at a given magnitude. It costs the difference to raise a common magic spell. Cults give discounts to their members for the spells that they teach.

1 100 silver
2 200 silver
3 400 silver
4 800 silver
5 1,600 silver
6 3,200 silver
7 6,400 silver
+1 12,800 silver

Divine Magic
Learning new divine magic does not cost any money. Initiate level spells cost 1 XP, Acolyte level spells cost 2 XP, and Runelord/priest spells cost 3 xp. The character must dedicate an appropriate amount of POW to their deity to learn new spells.

Learning a new grimoire is treated as a new advanced skill. It must be learned from a trainer at a sorcery order. Learning a new sorcery spell from a grimoire the character knows costs 2 XP.

Spirit Magic
Other than raising the Spirit Binding and Spirit Walking skills, spirit magic does not require any additional XP.

Dragon Magic


Skills may be improved through training.
It takes one week to improve a skill by training. The character must find a teacher whose skill level is greater than their own. Cults always have teachers available to their members at a discount.

Roll a D100, if it is less than the the skill then it goes up by 1. If it is greater than the skill then it goes up by the characters INT/5 plus the teachers skill in Teaching/10.

Learning a new advanced skill takes one month of training rather than one week and the character learns the skill at the base level.

Cost for training is determined by the training costs table plus 1 SP per point of the teachers skill.

For example, learning a combat skill that is 60% from a teacher who has a skill of 80% would cost 480 sp.

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