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Character Building

In order to create a character, you must use a 22-point point buy, start at 0 XP, and you can have 100 GP. You can spend the 100 GP any way, and you will have money in your pocket equal to 15 GP or what is left over of the 100 GP, whichever is less.

For experienced players, I will allow you to create a character on your own, and give the abbreviated stat block to me or Chris Faulkenberry before the first game session. The following are in the abbreviated stat block:

Character Name
Player Name
Race | Class | Level
Max HP
Initiative Modifier
Scores and Mods for all Abilities
All Defenses
Passive Insight and Perception
and Some Flavor Text for your Powers

For new players, I want you to have a copy of your character on, so you will need to use my copy of the (Non-online) D&DI Character Builder, or have your own copy.
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