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Fear not, I am your guide...

I've been role-playing since 1986 with the red-box of D&D and played and later run fantasy, sci-fi, & modern genre's.

HOBBIES: RPGs, the hedge in my yard, reading internet articles, sewing, leather crafting, starting to learn emmbroidery


First Game Master: Grahm
First System: D&D Red Box (d20 before it was d20 & demi-humans were actually a character class)
First Character: Fighter
First Character Death: Same fighter--killed by goblins in under 2 minutes


Favorite Race(s): Half-elf
Favorite Class(s): Ranger, Fighter, Cleric
Favorite Setting(s): Pathfinder Core, Star Wars, Shadow Run, Starfleet Battles
Favorite System(s): d20 & nWoD (& secretly D6 star wars from West End Games)
Favorite Character: Acorn O'riley (Shadow Run Fomorian Troll variant Oak Shaman)
Favorite Character Name: Damak Uweson Verfolger (Pathfinder)


TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Knight Rider, Buck Rogers, Duneons & Dragons Cartoon, Merlin, Stargate (All), Star Trek, Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Who, Masterpiece: Mystery

Movies: Orignal Star Wars Triligy, Senernety, Kingdom of Heaven, LoTR Trilogy, Sons of Katie Elder, The Shootist, The Fastest Gun Alive, The 7 Samurai, Full Metal Alchemist, Samurai 7, Noein, Samurai X, Cowboy Beebop, Big O...

Books: Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, thieves' World Series, Dialogues of Plato, Nicomachean Ethics, De Anima, Art of War (Sun Tsu), The Prince (Machiavelli), Ender's Game, about anything Dragonlance or Forgotten Realms especially Legend of Huma, 1001 Arabian Nights, Iliad, Odyssey,Anead, The Thebian Plays, Beowulf, The Mabinogion (still reading), Epic of Gilgamesh...

Music: Generally eclectic, but I prefer strong female lead singers (examples: Lacuna Coil, Leaves Eyes, Unsun, We are the Fallen), Johnny Cash, Queen, Depeche Mode, Florence and the Machine, Journey, Styx, Foo Fighters, and classic country (George Jones, Patsy Cline, etc)

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