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My name is Heathbrook Rowan James Badhwar, though my friends tend to call me Rowan, I still sometimes get Heathbrook. I am 19, open minded, down to earth, and love storytelling. I am currently between jobs, and looking forward to going to College next year. I live in Canada, in Ontario, Near Toronto, though I was born and raised in the mountains of the Yukon. I am a boot-leg music producer. I use flstudio 9 and make all my tracks from scratch. Send me a line if you are interested, I do free audio work, depending on how extensive the job is. I am also a musician, I play the drums, and love alternative folk-music (Ironic for an electronic producer) A couple of my favourite musical artists are Ayreon, Bruce Dickinson/IronMaiden, The Acorn, The Dodos, Neil Young, Pavement and Animal Collective. I like old-school dos computer games, and don't play call of duty or any new video games for that mater, besides the odd match of starcraft 2. I love people and expression of all forms. I love role-playing and storytelling, I have much DM experience and little player experience. I started DMing when I was in grade 6, so.. when I was 11 years old. I'm really intrigued by a deep immersion story over a hack-and slash, though a good dungeon crawl can be great fun. I only like D&D 4th edition D&D if it is executed right; when it's role-playing and not strictly roll-playing. AD&D 2nd Edition will always have the warmest place in my heart, All the pre-made campaign settings are great opportunities for some awesome story telling, my favourite of them being, in order; Planescape, Darksun, Ravenloft, Forgoten Realms. I am also a huge fan of all games by White Wolf Studios; specifically those from the Old World of Darkness Line, and Ars Magica. Specifically; Werewolf the Apocalypse, and Mage the Ascension. (Have yet to get my hands on a copy of changeling the dreaming: one glorious day :) Great Storytelling Games. I also really enjoy Call of Cthulhu, and that is about as far as my collection of books go,.. Besides my ridiculous amount of supplements. Wait, I also have Aberrant by WW, though I haven't gave it a shot yet. Oh and rifts, though I still need a group to try it with as well. Recently I've been looking into 4th edition as I bought the books when they came out and noticed that I COULDN'T PLAY A BARD.... WHAT?! So they sat on my shelf for upwards of 2 and a 1/2 years. Little did I know about the PHB 2 and 3... Foolish me, though I have recently read them, and my opinion on 4th e is,.. a little un-educated still. As I said above, I think that I would enjoy it if it's executed right. Sure the books are flashy but I love the gritty feel of the AD&D tomes of lore and supplements, though some are outdated in terms of structure, and layout, some are the best literature I have found. I have a knack for rambling-on and writing unnecessarily big paragraphs with no sign of structure if you have yet to notice. Anyway, I've spent tons of time DMing and am now looking, online, to branch out to other DMs and players alike to find new friends and groups, so I can hopefully live the player experience, and see things in a new light, from different perspectives of other storytellers. (run on much?) enough about me; Feel free to drop me a line. Look forward to seeing you at the table, whether real or virtual ;D


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