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My name is Shelby! I am a REAL Roleplay Addict! ^ ^ I own my own roleplay website and I am very successful in Roleplays. Weither it be video ads for YouTube, creating logos and other graphics or just managing a Roleplay of my own. (All of my RP idea's are Shelby Originals, they could be based off a story I'm writting though.) I'm only in high school and That's all i'm saying. I'm a female and play the Trumpet for the High School Band. I'm in the Top band and only a freshmen. 8D I feel happy about that. I also do artwork, mostly abstract paintings and landscape sketches, other than that i don't do much. I LOVE to write! I hve a Quizilla, DivantArt, and InkPop account. My Roleplay Website is

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Wolf's Rain
Vampire Knight
New Angliqu Abryss
Code Geass
D. Gray Man
Shuga Chara
Black Cat
Togisha Chi No
Soul Eater



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