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(2011)Old School D&D gamer getting back into it with 4E. Got started playing D&D in 1984 when a friend brought The Red Box over to my house after school. I remember thinking how dumb it was that you had to use a white crayon on the dice so you could read them. I still have those dice 27 years later, and about 100 others I've collected along the way. You can never have too many dice.

I love the game and I love watching others loving the game. Nothing better than seeing people work together to solve a problem. The ideas that pop up are pure gold. Seeing the looks on faces when something unexpected happens, hearing the explosive cheer when a fateful 20 is rolled at the perfect moment, or the look of dread induced by seeing a 1 come up when you need that save. Thats what make D&D for me.

I've recently discovered Castles & Crusades and I really like what I'm seeing but have only had a few chances to actually play it. I'd really like to get a regular game going but my groups are having so much fun with 4E right now, C&C will just have to sit on the back burner for the time being. Someday, I hope to answer that call to the game of yesterday that won me over to this amazing hobby. I think C&C is that game and someday I look foward to giving it a go. But right now, it's full steam ahead with 4E.

Update: (2016) My group and I recently finished a D&D 5E campaign that lasted 2 and a half years of weekly play and ran from level 1-20. We had a lot of fun and are planning to return to our 4E campaign that went on hiatus. 5E was great but I can't wait to get back to 4E.


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