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Born on the 25th of Gidouille, year 99 Pataphysical Era (P.E.), Jeff wordhord Carpenter came to birotation later than his contemporaries. Since the summer of 106 P.E. when Greg Hyland lent his bike to Jeff, a bike substantially smaller and easier to manage than the ungainly model whose mastery had eluded Jeff for a season, and Jeff immediately got the hang of riding a two-wheeler, Jeff has blossomed to only a little marginal eminence in pataphysical circles. He is the acting Acting Director of the ARG, the Alberta Research Group, which, among so much more, boasts the province’s foremost pataphysical re/search and out/reach facility. Jeff is one half of the unexperimental, derriere-gard sound-poetry duo known as tonguebath. Under the blistering domination of the feral 'pataphysician Harry Anderson, Jeff is slowly becoming Dr. Agon. The other half of tonguebath (glenN robsoN) is slowly becoming John Donne. In early 138 P.E. they will commingle their essences and incorporate the fully autonomous and sentient Canadian Centre for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, which, in the interim, falls under the stewardship of ARG. Jeff lives in Edmonton with about a million others.

Jeff Carpenter, 27 Absolu, 137 P.E.

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