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I hate bios. What can I say in a few words that can sum up a person? I'm in the Navy, serving aboard the USS Cheyenne SSN773. I'm a Nuclear Tech (Electrician) by rate. Most of my time is spent either at work, or sleeping when and where I can. Free time while awake? Playing WoW, LoL, or paper rpg's with friends. I prefer White Wolf's Exalted fantasy setting over DnD, and pretty much all the WHite WOlf settings in general. Except Scion. Could never get into that, but only tried it once. I also read a lot. A general mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

I enjoy stories. I like telling them, I like the little worlds full of people with all of their little lives and stories that never seem to get told. The main characters are more important, right? Slaying the dragons, rescuing the princess (even though she's in another castle), finding that lost treasure. Everybody forgets the innkeeper that sheltered the party when they were being hunted, no one cares about the hand maiden that slipped the characters that secret note to tell them about the demon hiding in the castle. These are the things I think about when I tell a story. When I run a game. It's the little things that few people ever get a glimpse of. And most of the time? I'm the only one who knows their story. But that's ok. For a moment, even if only for a few sentences, they can be the main character of their own story, before the world moves on.


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