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On a dark and stormy mid-summer afternoon, yes I said mid-summer afternoon. You were probably expecting me to say night, but you were wrong. Anyway, said afternoon on a Wednesday, or maybe it was a Tuesday. Friday is also a possibility as well, but let us not forget Sunday. Or maybe it was a Saturday. It could have been a Monday. No I'm quite sure that it was a Thursday.

Yes on a dark and stormy mid-summer Thursday afternoon, the electric went out in our small house in the middle of bumble-fart nowhere. My Elder brother then went into his bedroom and pulled out a large box with a Red Dragon on it and said, "Want to play a game".

That was the first time I ever heard of Dungeons & Dragons, and it wouldn't be the last. That dark Wednesday afternoon, yes it turns out that it was in fact a Wednesday, started me on a long path of dungeoneering awesomeness.

As of late I have been playing Pathfinder. Nothing much new to learn, and just as immersive as the D&D I know and love. Now if only I stopped dying of poison related deaths and made it to level 5 would I truly find happiness in this game.

Why do I keep playing if I'm so bad you ask? Well where else am I going to throw fire out of my hands in an explosion of awesome?


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