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How to Learn to Write an Essay
The outline of the essay consists of three parts .

It is necessary for the introduction to the topic.

The introduction gives the reader the first opinion of the bid4papers review. It can either interest or repel, so experimenting with the introduction is not recommended. In the introduction, specify the wording of the question, its importance and relevance. You can ask a rhetorical question in the form of an argument or provide a quotation, preferably citing the author. Convince the reader of the relevance of the question and get him interested.

Main part.

It reveals the author's point of view on the question or thesis from the introduction from different angles.

The main part does not go as a continuous text, it is divided into smaller parts. In the first, you need to outline your opinion, describe how you understand the topic, and how you treat it. Next, justify your opinion with arguments. Usually these are facts from life, scientific studies, opinions of scientists who are widely known. You can cite facts from history. After the argumentation, give an answer to your question based on the arguments.


Make conclusions according to the thesis statement. These conclusions should logically complete the reasoning and not leave the topic open.

Most of the impression of the paper you read is formed by the introduction and conclusion. The introduction should ideally intrigue the reader a bit, and the conclusion should give a clear enough answer to the introduction.

Help in writing an essay

To add dynamics to your text, alternate long sentences with short ones. Avoid repetition.

The use of complex terms is not recommended, not everyone knows their meaning.

A large number of "general phrases" is repulsive. The essay shows an opinion and the personality behind it.

Refrain from sarcasm and satire. These techniques are characteristic of other genres.

To get the reader in, show your feelings about the issue in the paper, but don't overdo it.

In an essay, an outline can help with the logic of reasoning. Do not deviate from it.

Reread the essay several times, make sure all arguments are on topic and there are no redundant phrases.

Facts and research are the most convincing arguments. Look for the appropriate ones, support your opinion with them.

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