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Hello Everyone. My current profession is a writer. I love my work and all I do but sometimes when I write my essay I think why don't try something new. Once I decided to try my strength in the new for me way of writing. I start my own book and now i'm working on it. Maybe it's just trash but maybe it would be a new masterpiece who knows.

The work of the writer is complicated! Is this statement true? It seems to me that really. The activities of writers are complex, and it is truly labor. Writing any book, even a children's one, where there are only a couple of lines on a page, requires tremendous effort. Someone may not agree with this statement. Yes! The writer does not carry bags of potatoes and does not dig kilometers of trenches, but this does not make his work any easier. It has long been known that mental labor is much harder than physical labor.

Before writing his work, each writer must build in his head, in his imagination, the world in which the action will take place. Well, if a person writes about the modern world, about which he knows, if not everything, then for sure a lot. But what about science fiction writers? After all, it’s not enough just to come up with a whole new world, because it must be kept as it was conceived, otherwise in the middle of the work it may come out completely different.

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