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Born on planet Ruusan, 7 years before the planet was brought to ruin by the Thoughtbomb, Stu'Cou Thamos, was just a child when his parents deployed Valkyrie IV(space capsule) in route to Kashyyyk. Other than the rations needed to survive the space travel, the only possession besides the robes on the you Sith's back was three Ruusan Crystals, left to him by his Father, Svet'Cou.

Being an orphan on Kashyyyk, Stu'Cou quickly learned how to fend for himself. On the second day after his capsule landed on Kashyyyk, Stu'Cou had slain his first Bantha, and had set up camp in a cave near the ravine in which he had trapped the lost Bantha. Having enough meat to last 3 years, Stu'Cou spent his childhood as a lone hunter in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk.

Stu'Cou joined the the 277th Tie Squadron 12 years later and impressed Captian Egani after his first mission was highly successful raiding rebel transports in the Terrab Sector. Quickly moving up through the Imperial Ranks Stu'Cou was growing bored with his assigned missions, deviated from Commander Baron Fel's commands, and single handedly destroyed a secret Rebellion Base located on Asteroid in the Othega Belt. This accomplishment spread talk of the young Captain through the chain in command, and 3 months later Darth Sidious had requested Stu'Cou's presence for a day's apprenticeship...

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