The Keep on the borderlands setting for D&D. This is mainly for GM use in Playtesting D&D next iteration.

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A Slaughter of Goblins
The first cave explored was the lair of a goblin clan. Wuth a failed sneak attempt by the heavily armored dwarves, the goblins were alerted to the presence of the party. After goblins surged forward from both sides, the adventurers were accosted by an ogre. The ogre was too stupid to realize he had attacked a well armed and armored group, apparently able to work together well to bring down large opponents. He fell in a matter of a few short moments.

After exploring some of the goblin caves and discovering another series of worked stone rooms apparently occupied by Hobgoblins, they retreated to finish clearing out the goblin lair, only to find themselves making their way through a narrow labyrinth of natural stone hidden behind a secret door.
Session: First Foray - Tuesday, Aug 21 2012 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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