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    Dack Penumber Halfling/M/Rogue/5
    "I'm the greatest burglar in the 'verse"
    Description:Dack is a 4 foot tall halfling with white skin and a bald head. Dack covers his left eye with an eyepatch that has the symbol of avandra stitched onto it. He wears leather armour coupled with a brown leather cape that are both decorated with images of swimming fish. Dack also only has one arm. W...
    Background:Dack Penumber suffers from an illness that is common among halflings, and that illness is wanderlust. Dack hates being tied down to one place and so now travels from town to town finding adventure wherever he can. Adventure for Dack usually means breaking and entering, thievery, and general misch...
    Details:Strength: 14 Constitution: 13 Dexterity: 19 Intelligence: 8 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 17 Language: Common, Goblin AC: 18 (19) Fortitude: 14 Reflex: 18 (19) Will: 15 HP: 45 Healing Surges per day: 8 Class features First Strike (PHB1:117) Artful Dodger (PHB1:117) Rogue Weapon T...
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    Laxus Vayr Human/M/Sorcerer/5
    "Wherever you go, try to leave it a better place. If you can't, then at least leave it quickly."
    Description:Laxus is a 5'11" tall human sorcerer, with thick reddish-brown hair and a long, twisted beard. His body is lean and athletic, and his skin is pale. He wears a dark green hooded cloak over a brown cloth tunic, a lyre slung over his shoulder.
    Background:The child of a distant land, Laxus was gifted with considerable amounts of innate magical power. Without anyone to teach him how to use it, however, he often felt he was a danger to those close to him. After one particular incident, involving a temper tantrum and a very localised lightning storm,...
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    Bernie yew Warlock/M/Stkr/Warlock/5
    "You go your whole life being told not to touch fire to become an arsonist with powers of the father that created you"
    Description:Bernie is a 6'2 175lb half-elf with grey skin and eerie features including dark purple spiked hair yellow eyes and his nose has been seemingly burnt off. He wears very long darkened cloak over his aparrel to disguise himself from stereotypes
    Background:Raised by his father dreadlock yew in brecilian forest having only learnt to live in this very wooded area for the first 10 years of his life he has learnt to live in small groups, evasive tactics and living with the life there learning to respect the earth. One day a silver goblet appeared from ...
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    Erza Human/F/Stkr/Ranger/5
    Description:Height: 5ft 9" Weight: 11st Age: 23 Eyes: Brown Hair: Red Skin: White Always wears armour, even when sleeping to allow herself to be prepared for combat in an instant. Carries round several types of weapon with her to allow herself to be prepared for any type of enemy she may face.
    Background:Erza had a difficult childhood. Her earliest memories were of the slave camp in Nevarra where she spent most of her young life. Taken fromher parents at a young age,she doesn't remember anything about them, or what her last name is. Growing up in a harsh environment toughened her mentally ...
    Details:Initiative 6 Speed 6 HP 57 Ability Scores STR - 16 (+3) CON - 15 (+2) DEX - 14 (+2) INT - 9 (-1) WIS - 13 (+1) CHA - 10 (+0) Defenses AC - 17 FORT - 17 REF - 17 WILL - 14 Skills Acrobatics +8 Arcana +1 Athletics +9 Bluff +2 Diplomacy +2 Dungeoneering +8...

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