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Tidal Terror!
Tidal Terror!

Artists rendition
by Preston Fenner
Three survivors of a horrific attack on the high seas tell the tale of a great sea monster resembling a squid destroying their cargo ship, The Singapore Star. Approximately 150 miles off the coast of San Diego their ship was suddenly and violently attacked by a tentacled sea creature of gargantuan proportions! The monster enveloped the ship with its tentacles and began crushing it. "We couldn't tell if it was the creature or the ship that was making the screeching noise. The metal ship was twisted like taffy. It was terrifying," reported one survivor.

Another sailor said, "There was screaming and running. People were afraid to go into the water and terrified to remain on board. It didn't matter. The ship was torn in two and everyone on deck ended up in the water. I don't know what happened to the others."

Mr. Jonathan Masterson, entrepreneur and philanthropist happened to be sailing up the coast when he, his passengers, and his crew spotted the aftermath of the attack. "We were sailing through the area, traveling up from Mexico to Seattle when we saw a body floating in the water. Sea birds were scavenging on it. A few minutes later we came saw live sailors clinging to some flotsam. We pulled them aboard and immediately made way to LA."

Mrs. Masterson said, "there was very little left of the ship or its cargo. Most of it must have sunk to the bottom. Those poor men had been out there for a few days. I am just pleased we were there in time to save them."

The men were indeed clinging on to life for 3 days with no fresh water or food. Had The Maltese, Mr. Masterson's yatch, been even a few hours later, the men might not have survived. Los Angeles General Hospital has stated that the men are in stable condition and should make a full recovery over the next week.

Dr. Demetrius Marinos, a visiting professor and Marine Biologist, claims that no known species of squid or octopus could grow to that size. "Certainly there have been squid sighted in the Mediterranean Sea that were perhaps 60 feet or more. There are no recorded sightings in all the years that the Greek People have sailed the seas of something that was as large as would explain the sinking of a significantly sized, modern day, commercial trading vessel. Perhaps they were driven mad by their predicament."

Where did this monstrous creature come from? Is it responsible for two other ship disappearances in the past three months? Why did it attack this ship specifically? When and where will it strike again?
Session: A Strange Storm - Wednesday, Jan 14 2015 from 12:00 AM to 3:30 AM
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