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Casefile 0002: The Mole People, cont'd -- part 3
The leader of, at least the Mole People's outlying force, was less than enthusiastic at the idea of a truce and treaty solution. I think that the US government will have the same opinion.

I don't entirely disagree. I think a little pre-emptive smiting might keep them back from the surface.

Still, the Strangers wanted to pursue a more peaceful solution, so I did the research with them to find the right connections to push forward their agenda.
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Mole Men Sink the Oil Rig?
These dastardly creatures! I was hoping to parlay with them before any further violence could occur! But, such was not to be the case. {sigh}
We were at the small working village of the underground mole men (women?) with 6 captive creatures, and no way to communicate with them. I really needed to get back to a lab with the information that I have and I could probably work up some sort of translator! We had gathered enough intelligence to know that they were planning on blowing up or knocking down one or several oil rigs out in the pacific ocean, off the coast of LA, one would assume. (Perhaps the drilling had affected their tunnels? The rigs WERE a fairly new addition!)
We decided it was best to get back to "the surface", with our captives and our rescued policeman. He was injured and should receive medical attention sooner rather than later! So, we trudged back along the same path and out into the basement of the construction site. The policemen that were standing around looked new and . . . improved, somehow! They seemed to be wearing some sort of armor plating as part of their outfit. And had larger guns! Oh, my! I hope this wasn't their fear of my work-suit! They might not realize that it's just a defensive armor against the dangers of the deep!
The man in charge informs us that we should NOT be here but he will make no attempt to arrest us . . . THIS time. We shan't be allowed onto future police investigation sites, seeing as we are all "civilians". Oh, dear! What a complication! Especially since even these slightly armored policemen with their slightly larger guns would be no real match for these mole-men creatures and their rail guns! We'll have to see where this will lead!
We are asked to vacate the premises, immediately. I'm preparing the flight plan back to my workshop when I get a familiar tingling in the back of my skull! This is the way that young lady, Zap, was communicating with all of us, back in the cavern! Some sort of electrical manipulator she must have concealed in her hat! How intriguing!
She gives me the address of a base that they've been using. The main entrance is a bit too exposed, but there's a way that I can get in through an underwater passage. That seems perfect! And, it turns out, easy to find! I leave the Man-o-War suit in the warehouse area and enter with just the Crab and Beetle parts, since I don't know how large the place might be. It turns out to be quite spacious, but quite Spartan, as well. Not much decoration, which is fine by me! I see several lab rooms, but don't have time to investigate.
We begin brainstorming about the information that we've gotten. I suggest that we should investigate the two oil rigs that are likely to be the target of the mole-men's attack plan. Achilles, Prince of Atlantis (who claims to be from a different reality than ours!) agrees and will use his bathysphere and underwater breathing to help me out. The two young ladies, Zap and Archer (apparently) think that it might be best to investigate the two companies that OWN the two platforms, just to see if they have learned anything about the mole-men and their activities. They aren't really geared for underwater activities, anyway.
Achilles launches his bathysphere, which is a wondrous sight! I can't wait to look inside it! I clamber up into my Man-o-War suit, happy as a clam (Oh!) and we speed out to the first site of the closer of the two oil rigs. Everything appears OK at first glance, but as we get closer (staying well below the surface of the water, since we don't really want to be seen by the human-folk, above!), we notice that there are several cracks in the bed of the ocean, several of which seem to be "leaking" water down through them. Oh, my. That's certainly indication of underground tunnels! While we're investigating, a curious site appears. I see a small octopus (squid?) swimming about in the ocean. It wouldn't normally have caught my eye at this particular moment, but I seem to recall that that particular breed of creature should not be native to these waters! How unusual! I try to capture it, but I'm unsuccessful, sadly. I make a note to look into it further, back at my lab.
Achilles and I decide to check on the second rig and discover the same sorts of cracks in the ocean bed. These aren't draining as much water as the others, which could mean that they're NOT connected to tunnels. . . or, that the tunnels are already filled mostly with water! No wonder these mole-men are so angry! I doubt that they can breathe underwater as well as Achilles here seems to be able to!
As we're heading back towards land, I once again spot that out-of-place sea creature, but again am unable to capture it. I'll have to include a net in my next iteration, I presume!
Back at their base, which apparently is run/controlled/overseen by a computer with a certain degree of (artificial?) intelligence (right out of those science fiction pulp novels I used to read!) named Mimir, we again compare notes and come up with ideas. Zap and Archer discovered that one of the companies had discovered part of one of the mole-men's machines in their oil rig pump! Good lord. I hope none of these creatures, even though they're attacking us, were hurt by the drilling of these machines! We humans have become far too dependent on these oil drilling machines. Perhaps I should direct my efforts into finding another source of energy than these 'fossil fuels'. {disgruntle}
I'm about to head back to my meager lab to work on a translation device when I think to ask Mimir if they have some labs here in their base that I can use for the purpose. It turns out that they do, but I don't (yet?) have permission to use them. Achilles overhears me and 'orders' Mimir to give me permission to use them! Excellent! That will make this MUCH easier!
Unfortunately, I'm barely through with the design process and just starting to gather the parts to create a device that will allow us to communicate with these non-human humanoids, when Mimir informs us that they have already attacked one of the two bases! Oh, no! Shock and dismay! (Thus my opening statements of their dastardliness!) We pile into (or onto, in my case!) Achilles' bathysphere (which apparently can move through the ocean QUITE a bit faster than my suit can!) and rush to the scene, to see if we can help. It turns out, we can.
The oil pipes are leaking, quite badly, so I immediately set about repairing them, or at least blocking them off to keep the wildlife from a terrible death! The dangers of this much concentrated crude oil would be devastating, to both plants and creatures! While I'm about this, Zap uses her amazing ability to move metallic objects to hold a bit of the rig steady enough for the poor rig workers to hang onto while waiting for the Coast Guard to get here and rescue them. Achilles exits the vehicle and, apparently risking his own life near the deadly oil spill, helps more of the folks to get to safety. Then, with my help widening the way, he maneuvers the bathysphere INTO the cracks in the ocean floor, in an attempt to find the mole-men that created this tragedy!
Quickly we find the oil deposit itself and several tunnels off of the cavern it partially occupies. It looks like several rope and plank bridges have been built over it, presumably by the mole-men that set up the explosive devices. As we head down what we determine to be the best tunnel to find the other oil field, we encounter a few of these very same folks! They look like the regular mole-men that we've met, but these are wearing some sort of powered armor that presumably increased their strength enough to carve through solid stone! Again, how intriguing! If lives weren't in danger, I'd be tickled pink for hours examining their equipment!
We fairly quickly dispatch this group and tie them up. They apparently have some sort of radio communication devices that I quickly salvage the parts from and, as Achilles maneuvers down the tunnels toward the other oil field, I do my best to tinker up a quick translation device! It isn't perfect, but it should last long enough to figure out what's going on, I hope!
As we get to second oil field, we discover that we're almost too late! There is a scaffolding set up and mole-men (also in powered armor!) setting explosives against the roof of the cavern! The pipe of the rig is clearly visible down through the center so the rig itself must be right above us! Oh, the devastation this will cause if we allow those bombs to go off!
There are four mole-men technicians, setting bombs. There are four of us. I quickly detach my crab unit to deal with the one furthest from our location (figuring the others might not be able to move as quickly as my suit) and quickly begin attempting to disarm the bomb. Strangely, this is NOT an explosive using the stolen dynamite from the construction site (why would a construction site in downtown Los Angeles be using dynamite? In this day and age?). It's an entirely NEW type of device! I curb my curiosity long enough to figure out how to disarm it, then move onto the other three. We manage to keep all four from exploding AND capture and keep safe all four technicians! Excellent work, by strange friends!
We pick the tunnel that's likely to move us toward the shore and the working village we discovered earlier, taking all 8 prisoners with us. I'm hoping this translation device will last long enough for us to explain our actions and bring about some sort of detante' to this near war between humankind and mole-men-kind. And, if we're lucky, find the missing security guard and return him to his friends & family! That would be a grand ending to my first "adventure"!
We finally encounter a group of a dozen of these creatures, more than half of which have the powered armor on and the rest have those rail-gun devices with them. This does not bode well! What to say, what to say? We must make it count! These are the first real words shared between our peoples!
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Casefile 002: The Mole People -- cont'd
Detective Bishop and his new task force were waiting for us at the top of the tunnel. The confrontation was non-violent, but we were given warning that our "interference" was not going to be tolerated.

Not unexpected.

From there, I (along with Man-O-War) were invited to join them at the Stranger's secret lair. Another member of the team was introduced: Mimyr (see File).

Looking for motives, it was decided to investigate the two major oil rigs off the LA Coast. Achilles and Man-O-War went to look over the rigs physically (both can operate underwater) while Zap and I went ot the offices of first Belmont and then Union Oil.

Belmont Oil's Rig seems to have stumbled on the Mole Peoples own oil reserve and likely damaged equipment. We found a broken peice of one of the mechanisms the mole people used in their advance base.

regrouping, we barely had time to exchange notes when an alert came in that the Belmont Oil Rig was under attack. The team helped where we could but then left the actual rescue to the coast guard and entered the tunnels through the hole made in the oil deposit cave.

The mole men responsible for the destruction of Belmont Rig were caught in their retreat. Man-O-War cobbled together (!!!) a translator using notes he'd put together on a larger machine. Using his device, we found out a second team was preparing to destroy the Union Oil rig.

We dealt with them and their explosives, using some collapse the tunnel behind us and moved on to confront the larger force of Mole Men.
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Fated day of Meetings
My vigilance paid off! I was listening to police broadcasts and noticed news of a strange disappearance! A security guard and a police officer both went missing at a construction site in downtown. Some sort of television building was being built. I recorded the address and fired up my latest incarnation of my exploration armor! The flight feature needed more testing, anyway. At least it would not be a wasted trip! I wonder what the common folk will think of my invention? It is likely to draw a crowd! I'd better fly high enough to not worry folks at ground level!
At the site, I met a remarkable young woman who seems to be investigating the same situation. She is strangely dressed in what looks like an evening gown! How is she able to get around like that? Interesting, indeed! The police aren't letting anyone into the construction site, but she seems to have a plan to get in, unnoticed and look around. Promptly after saying this, she vanishes! Some sort of teleportation device that she has cleverly hid in that oh-so-tight dress? Remarkable!
She reappears inside, where the policeman can't see her, but my sensors record her presence. I send my little beetle spy-eye to keep an eye on her. I would never forgive myself if she got hurt while I could have helped her! She finds a tunnel and begins exploring it. My beetle remote goes along but she, unafraid of it, allows and encourages it to land on her hat! Then, some sort of protective energy field surrounds her body! Where does she keep all these wonderful gadgets! (Oh, I daren't even guess!)
It suddenly occurs to me that while I can hear and see her and things around her, I cannot communicate with her! What a simple thing to put into the beetle remote! A speaker that could carry my voice to her! I will have to add that on the next iteration! I've never had the opportunity to work with anyone else! Oh!! I wonder how she and her friends might communicate with each other!
She travels cautiously down the carved out tunnel. It almost looks like something a worm or mole might carve out for itself. But on a MUCH larger scale! How intriguing! I wonder if such a creature could grow THIS large! I suppose we might soon find out!
Somewhere along the tunnel, she discovers a spike in the wall. Metal and definitely NOT hand constructed. This would imply some sort of factory or foundry that produces near perfect duplicates from a mold of some sort! That is NOT the work of simple animals! Perhaps there's some sort of underground civilization of mole men that lives unnoticed?!? Impossible! Someone would have noticed, by now! Though my research has all been underwater, I've always assumed that someone must be duplicating my endeavors in other areas! Underground, mountaintops, outer-space! Why wouldn't they? Am I that strange?
Her companions eventually show up, though not in a flying bathysphere, as the rumours seem to imply. I am sad, but remind myself to ask about that as soon as this mystery of the missing folk has been dealt with. They approach me as if they know that I spoke with the young lady (Zap, they call her!) so I assume that they do indeed have a way to communicate with her. They approach the police officers that I have unsuccessfully tried to persuade to allow me to explore the area with my hazard prevention suit. Somehow, they DO convince the officers to allow them entrance and I, taking what I would normally consider a huge risk, casually walk my armored suit in right behind them, acting as if I belong to their group! Wonderful! The policemen make no effort to stop me! Perhaps they have not worked with the police so they don't quite know who is a member of their team, yet? I shan't ask 'til later!
I point to the hole that Zap (and my beetle) have explored and the other folks lead the way. A young girl with a bow and quiver full of arrows joins us, but they seem to know her! What would such a young lady be doing with such a rough and tumble group of adventurers like this? I wonder if her parents know about this! I dare not make waves 'til I get to know them. Perhaps one of these folks IS a relative of hers! Oh! I do hope we can find these missing folk quickly. I have SO many questions!
Soon, we catch up with Zap and proceed together down the tunnel. Eventually, we have our first encounter with, of all things, Mole Men! They indeed look like what human would look like had we evolved from moles instead of monkeys! Claws and powerful limbs. They also carry a gun that uses electromagnets to fire iron spikes! A rail gun! More inventive than most humans! Or perhaps they just didn't get as stuck on gunpowder as we seemed to have become! Very interesting, indeed! I make sure to save several of the guns, after we knock out the mole men in the group. We were unsuccessful in communicating, but perhaps if I had more of a sampling of their language, I might be able to work something out. Another feature I could have included in my suit. I had never imagined encountering intelligent creatures that didn't speak one of the languages I'm at least slightly familiar with!
These creatures also carry with them a lamp of some kind. It seems to use a chemical that when a current is passed through it produces light in the ultraviolet spectrum. Invisible to human eyes, my sensors can certainly pick it up. And, it seems, so can the amazing eyes of these creatures! It would explain why they don't live more of their lives on the surface. The sunshine would produce SO much UV that they would be blinded during the day and probably find even the full moon to be quite an annoyance!
We proceed along the tunnel, bringing the unconscious bodies of the mole men with us. I can keep them bound with the tentacle arms of my suit and one of the strangers with me is quite strong. They call him Achilles. He carries the one that I cannot quite seem to hold onto.
Eventually, we discover a large cave that houses a dozen or so of these mole men creatures. With houses, no less! Carved from stone, I believe! One of these strangers, an Asian fellow that they call Ike, seems to be able to move so fast that he cannot be seen by the naked eye! He runs off to search the cavern and finds that the policeman is being held prisoner in one of the buildings. We formulate a plan and rescue him, but the security guard is nowhere to be found. There ARE other tunnels off the sides of this large cave, but we cannot get to them without being seen by the creatures . . . folks(?) below.
We decide it's best to return to the surface with the slightly injured policeman and recount our discoveries. But not before Ike, using his speed to not be seen and my beetle to record his investigation, notices a drawing on the wall that seems to indicate that these mole men have decided to blow up one or several off-shore drilling rigs! I wonder if THAT is why there was dynamite missing from the construction site, above! It would go along with my thought that they don't use gunpowder as much as we do!
We also discover that they are smelting several types of metals from the rocks they've collected. I get a small sample of each so that I can test them, back at my labs. Any further information we can find about these 'folk' could lead to us better understanding them and their goals! I will do what I can to insure that the security guard and the people who might be on whichever oil rigs they care to target are kept safe! Oh, this mystery is keeping me from finding out about these strange folks that walk with me, but I don't care right now! Lives are at stake!
Another strange feature of this large cavern that I should mention is a large pond of strange water that, even without the lamp that provides current, seems to glow in not only the ultraviolet but also somewhat in the visible (to humans) spectrum. How fascinating! I'll have to get a sample of that, too!
But! Back to the surface to pass the information along to the authorities!
Session: A Strange Disappearance - Wednesday, Apr 22 2015 from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Epic × 2!
Casefile 0002: The Mole People
The CBS television channel has been building a new broadcast center in the city over the last few months, but construction has ground to a halt as a night watchman on the site vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Lee Belardino (see file) vanished last night and a large tunnel has opened under the construction.

The police were investigating when the tunnel opened and an officer has gone missing as well.

A new player, (Man-O-War -- see file) did a fine job of keeping the police attention at the scene away from it, but the Team didn't take advantage of the distraction provided to slip past. They instead made their standing with the police even worse when they confronted the officers and then used their government connections (Greyhound -- see file) to strong-arm the police out the way. Detectice Bishop will likely use that against them later.

In any event, all of us wound up on the trail of the missing officer.

-- side note about team dynamics--Jim Lariat (see file) seems to have left the team on their own for the moment. I'd expected that Achilles (see file) might have stepped up and made himself leader, but he seems to have little capacity for running a group of "equals". Next I thought Zap (see file) might, but she is content to let them follow behind her-- as shown by her willingness to move beyond communications range. -- the team needs a strong voice to keep them from turning into cannonballs all pointed similar directions

The tunnel seemed to have been dug, but not machine made. There was enough room for the "vehicle" Man-O-War was piloting in it. I confess I was thinking of gigantic worms or perhaps moles just from examining the tunnel.

I was a little off on scale. They turned out to be humanoid moles, but only slightly larger than human average (7-8 feet tall). Obviously possessed of intelligence to some scale and able to use not only primitive tools but weapons that were more advanced than any seen in military use today. Hand-held magnetic spike guns and devices that emit low yield Ultraviolet light (they seem bothered by the surface light or daylight) "torches". Trmendously strong and armed with claws that seem equally adept at tunneling through stone and flesh.

There seems to be a whole settlement of them down here. We recovered the missing cop, but so far no sign of Belardino. We did find evidence of a plan to saboutage the off-shore oil fields.

Pulled back to re-assess the situation and determine what a proper response ought to be.

Session: A Strange Disappearance - Wednesday, Apr 22 2015 from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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