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Night Watchman Missing after Theft
After a series of mysterious thefts, a recently hired night watchman for the construction site of the CBS Television City studios has been reported missing. Mr. Lee Belardino, a Pasadena resident, has disappeared from the job site. A spokesman from CBS Television has said, "Mr. Belardino was not on site when the morning construction crew arrived for duty. There were signs of a struggle, but no body or blood at the scene. Mr. Belardino's fiance has not seen him since he reported for work last evening. His apartment is undisturbed and his motorcycle was found still on site. There is no indication of his whereabouts. If anyone sees Mr. Belardino, please contact the authorities." All of his coworkers had nothing but nice things to say about him. One is quoted, "He was a war veteran trying to make a good living. He was always on time and didn't complain."
Authorities currently have very few leads. Mr. Belardino was recently hired by the studio to keep watch after a series of thefts. Construction materials have been disappearing from the site every few days for the past two weeks. Reports from the site manager claim that there were no signs of forced entry and only basic construction materials were taken. Last night was the first time something dangerous was removed from the site. A reliable source has informed us that some TNT was removed from the site's secure lockers. There are currently no solid suspects for the thefts.
Session: A Strange Disappearance - Wednesday, Apr 22 2015 from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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