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A retrospective moment
Jeffry stands in his office, in front of the framed article. The turning point in his life immortalized in words. It is hard to believe that it has been 36 years. His irregular publication, The LA Guardian, having gained some popularity, has been weekly for the past six of those years. With a sense of resignation, he reviews the article.

Citizen News
Woodman Shipping Magnate Dead
March 18, 1916
by Daniel Dreyer

California State Police reported on Thursday that Mr. and Mrs. William Woodward were found dead in their car after it had gone over a cliff on Scenic Highway 1. It appears that they were traveling to Santa Barbara and lost control of their vehicle. They are survived by their son, Jeffry Woodman who has requested that all inquiries be relayed through their lawyers at Abrams, Goldberg, and Kauffman.

Mr. William Woodman was the owner and sole-proprietor of Woodman Importing and Exporting, a nationwide shipping company with interests on all three coasts. With vessels that import goods from Japan, India, China, Europe, and parts of Africa, the impact of his death can not be determined as of yet. Woodman Importing and Exporting was established in 1880 by Mr. Bernard Woodman, the deceased's father. The business was built up from a few ships transporting goods too and from Europe to a fleet of 40 large ships trading all over the world. It is believed that the net worth of the Woodman holdings is near to $80 Million.

It is unclear what young Jeffry Woodman, age 16, will do with the small empire built by his father and grandfather. Lionel McDonnell, chief operations officer said "We will run the business as Mr. Woodman would have until such time as his son is ready to take the wheel." Jeffry, understandably, was not available for comment at this time. Our hearts go out to the young man and all of the family and all of the staff for Woodman Importing and Exporting.

Maybe some day he will solve the mystery.
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