The world is a strange place. Recently it has become stranger. Odd events have been becoming more and more frequent: strange people with extraordinary powers have been appearing, strange creatures have been attacking civilized areas, and strange, physics-defying phenomenon have been observed. This is the story of a group of strangers as they navigate the new world.

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Zeus is a jerk
Well, we had our first real fight with Francesco, and it turns out he's got Zeus in him. I say "we" but I wasn't even there when Protector blew up the wine, so I was late to the party.

Anyway, Zeus is as tough as you'd imagine. What's worse is, all our efforts were for naught, as he simply healed. I managed to lead him away while the noble Neutrino rescued my comrades.

Also, it turns out the gods may have banished Atlantis from this realm. Which makes Protector's baseless accusations of us wanting to use the wine even more silly- gods are troublesome enough when they don't have a grudge, so why would we want to bring more to Atlantis?
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God Wine
It seems that we've made a break-through, and two cases are in fact one. The appearances of those calling themselves gods and the disappearances of several of society's elite are in fact linked by Sunset Valley, a relatively unknown vineyard. It would appear that they have possession of a grapevine connected to Ambrosia, one of the demi-gods and former protector of the divine nectar. If Atlantis could gain possession of such a grape, it would be an incredible asset. Imagine House Aegis's finest, charged with the divine! The problem, of course, is that the drinker is not so much elevated as possessed. They assume the mantle of the god rather than maintain their own identity. And as we all know, the gods tend to be kinda cray-cray.

If we could dilute the wine somehow...
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A Brief History of Atlantis (as cribbed from Achilles's old school notes): Part One
-The Before Time: On Earth, Atlantis was but one Greek city-state among others. We lived much as the surface dwellers, despite our budding mutations. Our magic was in its infancy, and the magical creatures- the sirens, the minotaurs, and the fauns- were already fading away.

-The Rapture: For reasons yet unknown, Atlantis was stolen away from this dimension and deposited in another, what we call Gaia (and the Romans call Terra, and the Norse call Jörð, and so on). We were beset by hordes of mythic beasts, in numbers and power unlike any we've encountered. But as always, Atlantis prevailed, and we established ourselves in the islands about and the sea depths below.

-The Early Days: As we explored, we discovered that Gaia was full of other humans, all taken from Earth, though we had only heard of a few, like Babylon. Most strangely, they were of multiple time periods- many, like Rome, would come to bloom after the Greek powers had faded in Earth history. We quarreled, and traded, and slowly expanded our knowledge. We learned how to harness the sorcerous tides that flooded Gaia, and built ships that could sail through a hurricane. House Axiotomos, the royal house, was unable to fully control the Atlanteans, and the outer provinces were overrun with petty feuds.

House Aegis was formally established in those whirlwind days. Our founder Aesera the Philosopher-Witch was exiled from Atlantis proper, no doubt due to stupid jerks jealousy of her martial prowess and potent magic. King Axiotomos, feared to kill her outright and commanded her to take stewardship of the deadly northern coasts, which were infested with monstrous creatures and coveted by the belligerent Swedish vikings and the Americans seeking a path to the sea. There, House Aegis was born, half-Atlantean and half-barbarian, a shield against the unsettled continent, as the rest of Atlantis grew proud and rich and strong in the islands and seas.

-The Roman Wars: Alas, despite all our advances, we were still a minor power. The Romans and their miserable god-king Caesar had long envied our burgeoning trade empire, and after their bloody victory over the Mayans they turned their swords and spells on us. We had foolishly assumed that only a sea power like Carthage or a merchant fleet like Venice could threaten us, and never imagined that the land-bound Romans would build such a vast and terrible fleet. The war was short but bloody; for every ship sunk the Romans built three, and Atlantis- still divided- could not match the endless legion.

It was a long and bitter captivity. Our cargo ships were crewed by prisoners of war, not free men. Our libraries and magical archives were pillaged by greedy Roman mages. The Romans had lost many ships to our underwater saboteurs, and began slaying those most adapted to the waters, in order to stamp out that threat. Those that could, fled. But in those days, all of our foundries and manufactories were on land, and the rebels were forced to scavenge for materials. Scattered and unarmed, it looked like the Roman legions could crush us at their leisure.
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An Unexpected Revelation
Tonight, the Strangers and myself moved against the Russian group calling themselves Aegis. At first I thought the name mere coincidence, but no! They are Atlantean! After defeating their magic-empowered enforcers, I learned the truth from one called Vitaly.

They are the descendants of those left behind when Atlantis was pulled from this world. More incredible, they are of House Aegis, now calling themselves House Agita. Also, they're Russian now, apparently. House Agita has maintained the mystic arts through the ages, and their magic is as potent as any Atlantis can muster in this degenerate age- perhaps more so, as our cousins have been raised in this world, and understand the ebb and flow of the tides of magic here.

Which is a shame, as they hate Atlantis with a passion. Vitaly believes that we abandoned our kin during the Rapture, though House Aegis was little more than a rabble of fishermen playing at soldiery. I know not what they suffered, but we have suffered as well- enslavement by Caesar's legions, the rebellions, the civil wars, the invasion from below. And now, after centuries of struggle, Atlantis was snatched away and the gods alone know what has happened to those left behind.

This sounds like the handiwork of that villain Demetrios of Axiatomos, sowing more discord among our people. And yet- they seem of a different breed. Vitaly did not once mention Demetrios's supposed claim to the throne.

Unfortunately, my companions interrupted my conversation with Vitaly, so I was unable to learn more. Luckily, Vitaly gave me the address of a safe house before I released him. I have met some who know of Atlantis. It's a pity they've got guns.
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After the Deadlines
[The camera shows a closeup of Bryson Rash, ABC news anchor for After the Deadlines, a clean-cut, nicely dressed man in his early thirties.]
Bryson Rash: Tonight we have a special report concerning the recent uprise of unusual events in the city. As some of you may have witnessed there have been sightings of Robots, flying men, people with extraordinary strength, and even what appeared to be a demon. Yes, I know that you may think I'm crazy. I'm not even sure I believe it all myself because I have not witnessed these events, but we have several reliable sources: good, upright citizens are beginning to speak out. Tonight for the first time we have several of them in our studio to tell their stories. And we also have two special guests to help bring everything into perspective. Tonight on After the Deadlines, we bring you Unsettling Tales of Tomorrow. But first, a word from our sponsor.

[camera is centered on Bryson Rash]
Bryson Rash: I'm Bryson Rash here with business owner and entrepeneur, Mr. Abraham Jacobson. Good evening Mr. Jacobson.
[Camera pan out to include Mr. Jacobson in the frame. Mr. Jacobson is a man in his forties. His black and grey hair is longish, brushed back behind his rather large ears. He is short and slim with a rounded, clean-shaven face. He speaks with a slight European accent]
Mr. Jacobson: Good evening Mr. Rash.
BR: Mr. Jacobson, you are one of LA's most respected businessmen, owning two radio stations, and a theater. You have been a supporter of the fine arts, moving pictures, and local hospitals for many years. Your son is a war hero from the Second world War. Yet, tonight, you come here, risking your reputation on what some would consider fantastic tales. Why is that?
AJ: Well, Mr. Rash, to be honest, I'm here because of my son. I am concerned with recent events and I refuse to bury my head in the sand and ignore them. I want my son to live in a world where he can be safe from overwhelming adversaries.
BR: So you believe in these ultra powered individuals?
AJ: There is nothing to believe in. I know that they exist. I was at a charity event held by Mr. Jim Lariat the actor. When I was there a lightning bolt struck. It didn't hurt anyone. It was like a beam of electricity hitting the earth, not a true lightning bolt. And when the flash cleared, there was some creature that looked like a demon. It had leathery wings and skin. And it had claws too. Like a demon out of the christian bible.
BR: So you believe you saw a demon?
AJ: Again, I do not BELIEVE I saw anything. I KNOW what I saw. And I'm not saying it was a demon out of the bible, but it looked like one. It threw lightning around. and clawed people.
BR: What else happened?
AJ: Well, almost immediately after it appeared, people started to scatter. Everyone except Mr. Lariat and his side kick. And then others showed up. I am not really certain where they came from, but they had to have been close because they were there in an instant. I, being a man that does not frighten easily, got out of the way, but remained to watch.
BR: And what did you see?
AJ: I saw more lightning, metal object flying across the yard, a man in oriental armor who moved like the wind, and I even saw a young boy firing weird arrows at the demon. A young boy who couldn't have been older than 13. Can you imagine someone that young putting themselves in danger like that here in Los Angeles?
BR: You appear to have a strong opinion about these people?
[The camera switches to a close-up of Mr. Jacobson]
AJ: I do. When I was a young man, there were these men. This was just before the war broke out. These men thought that there ought to be a super race. They wanted to weed out any undesirable people from procreating. They were hoping to make an Ubermensch: a man superior to others who would rule them. I fear that this is a product of their interference in things previously unknown.
[Camera switches to show both Bryson and Abraham]
BR: So, you believe that this is a plot of the Nazis?
AJ: Again, I didn't say that. I think it is simply the fallout from their work.
BR: Thank you Mr. Jacobson for your insight into what is apparently a very strange subject.
[Close-up on Bryson]
BR: And now, when re return from a word from our sponsors, we will speak with a young woman who was present when the big robot exploded downtown earlier today.
<a few more quick interviews follow, then>
[Camera shot centered on Bryson]
BR: We now have with us someone who takes these events very seriously. Perhaps more seriously than anyone else we have spoken with so far. We have here tonight a man who has recently dedicated himself to be a leader in the fight against these Super Men. I introduce to you, Special Detective John Bishop.
[The camera shot widens to include Det. Bishop]
BR: Good evening Detective Bishop
DB: Bryson, please, call me John.
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