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The Start of the Campaign is Approaching Faster than You Realize
Because I will be out of town from the 3rd through the 14th of June and Chris F., A.K.A. Kerrick, A.K.A. my second in command, cannot attend the first session, I would very much appreciate it if those wanting to play signed up, got me some backstory, and R.S.V.P.'ed for the first session by the 2nd of June, the day before I leave town. Mind you the sooner the better, because if I get 5 backstories right at the deadline, I will have approximately one and a half days to look over the 5 backstories, and I won't be able to incorporate them terribly well into the first session. If you want to be imaginative, I welcome hearing from you, plus the info in the Wikis, References and NPCs sections should get you a decent start. If you are having trouble finding the creative spark, you can always just choose a premade background from the list, and leave me to fill in the details.
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