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    Leah Human/F/Ldr/Cleric/1
    "Pelor's might be with me."
    Description:Personality Traits: Polite and courteous to all but those who she considers wicked, Leah Albrecht follows the teachings of the Order of the Sun. She calls herself "Blessed," because the birthmark in the shape of the sun on the back of her left hand led her elders to celebrate her as such in h...
    Background:Leah was sent to the low precinct after breaking an oath to the Order of the Sun, to which she belongs. She is here to heal the sick and to seek converts.
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    Farowan Warforged/Ldr/Warlord/1
    Description:Farowan's build is more slight than those of his contemporaries. He shuns the heavy plate of the shock troops. Instead, he is completely covered in the lighter, blue lacquered plating that earned him the nickname "Blue Boy" from his superior (human) officers. There is a small patch of exposed ...
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    Elhand Gladomain Elf/M/Stkr/Rougue
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    Lily Razorclaw shifter/F/Stkr/Ranger/1
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    Braggis Human/M/Def/Fighter/1
  • Warrockethat_thumb
    War Rocket Warforged/M/Artificer/1
    "They'll try to kill him with the forklift."
    Description:War Rocket is a very strange warforged that happens to be in quite extreme disrepair. He is very rusted, parts of him look like they are about to fall off. His parts appear to be the newest models, if not slightly newer than that, but they appear to be in such ridiculous disrepair that it is a ...
    Background:He was the assistant to a human programmer at the Ministry of Technology. His master told him about the upcoming shutdown of the warforged so that he could help him with the work required to shut down other warforged. He, instead of helping, fled to the low precinct, and has been fixing technolog...

Retired Characters

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    Flint Ironfist (Retired) Longtooth Shifter/M/Def/Wildblood Warden/1
    "Gold, you say?"
    Description:Flint stands at a relatively average 5'9". However, his broad shouldered frame is rather more impressive. His amber colored eyes are the first thing most people notice. They almost seem to glow when the light is dim. A mane of coffee colored hair frames these amber orbs and brushes the top of his...
    Background:Flint hails from the mountains of Lyssia. His people live in loose tribal groups, often trading members as the need or whim arises. As is tradition among hi people, he has left home to explore the world at large, and decide if he wishes to remain among his people for his adult life.

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