Beware the night. When the moon is full and the fog creeps across these woods, the dead walk the land and the living shutter their doors.

Existing under a shroud of dark clouds, Sylgrad has been ruled for centuries by the undead Dragul Tepes. Only recently, after a seven-year long bloody war lead by Dragul's son, Ulrich Tepes.

Today, an uneasy truce to the war has been called. During the day, Ulrich has the rule but at night, when the mist comes and the moon rises, the forces of the Dragul Tepes, the Lich King, hold sway.

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The capital city of Sylgrad was once known as Gristle. After being taken over by Ulrich, he renamed it Mardengrad.

Mausoleum is the City of Learning. At the center of this circular city stands the empty tower of the Archmage.

Ribcage Mountains
Home of the dwarves and dark elves. Recently...something has been unleashed from below. This has strained the tense relations between the Dwarf King and the dark elves as the elves have moved closer to the surface to avoid whatever the Diabolist has awakened.

The Gyrewood
Home of the High Druid and the Elf Queen, the Gyrewood lies in the northern stretches of Sylgrad. Currently, the Gyrewood is at risk of being raided by the Orc Lord's forces.

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Shabolath Part Two
Having dispatched some cultists, the party dumped oil down into the fleshy tunnel beneath the inn, igniting it. This apparently tentacles appeared in the air and attacked the PCs. After the fight, the PCs were helped by an Imperial knight named Elobeth, who explained that (somewhat-erratically written) journals he discovered claimed that leaping into Shabolath's mouth would allow travel back to Sylgrad.

Underground the party went, facing some cultists and troglodytes before meeting Shabolath itself. Elobeth was eaten, and the party fought the cthonic horror. Upon severing a tentacle, they leaped into it's mouth during a howl of pain and found themselves back in Sylgrad..

...or did they?
Session: S2E2 - Friday, Jan 10 2014 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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New flesssshh...comessss to the village. My followersss mussst sacrifice this power to me, I mussst eat it. They have killed my worshipersss..they are strong. I will face them...they will know my glory.
Session: Sylgrad S2E1 - Friday, Jan 03 2014 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Arash the Scarred One
After passing through the portal, the Fellowship of the Wind found themselves in the center of the Squirrel Lodge Circle. There, they battled orcs and took a much-needed rest. Then they were approached by a large, heavily-scarred orc, the leader of the orcs in the area, named Arash.

During the fight with, Arash got a lucky hit in on Magnus, taking him down. Fortunately, Falgrim was there to help save Magnus. The PCs were eventually victorious. Ciela noticed that the scars seemed to be ritual in nature and was able to replicate them on Magnus, toughening his flesh.

Returning to the Court of Stars, the PCs relayed news of the garrison and were told that the first object of power was located in an ancient, abandoned tower to the north. This former abode of an old archmage is surrounded by harsh, cold winds (even colder than the rest of the northern mountains) and quite possibly protected by automatons.
Session: Infestation Part 2 - Saturday, Aug 31 2013 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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This morning...
When I awoke this morning, I was overcome by a wave of nausea. Perhaps I ate too many soul larva last night. I didn't think my kind could get indigestion, but apparently I was wrong. From here on out, I'm sticking to maggot-ripened human steak.
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While returning to the Court of Stars, the Fellowship of the Wind was ambushed by bone needlers. After fighting of these foul beasts, they were tracked to their lair, an Imperial carriage that had been attacked and turned into a nest.

Upon investigation, the party was swarmed by dozens of bone needler babies. After defeating them, inside a box was discovered with Beorn's family crest on it. Inside was the deed to a castle.

Thoughts: There's gotta be a better way to handle initiative for mooks. There are just SO MANY of initiative is how we handled it this session but that did kind of hurt the party..

Finding a stream, the party cleaned the bone needler juice off of their bodies, they spotted a fleeing, injured woman who fainted once she saw the party. After her awakening, she explained that she was a member of the Squirrel Lodge druid circle, and they had been attacked by orcs.

Asking her if there was some way into the circle besides just walking up to it, she told them of a secret portal to the center of the circle that could only be opened with a word in the druidic secret language. It was all very secret. Giving the PCs the "password" they entered the portal...

Thoughts: I'm actually getting to where I like the idea of rolling Icon Relationship dice during the story instead of at the beginning or end....
Session: Infestation Session 1 - Friday, Jul 19 2013 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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