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    Alan Braun Human/M/Stkr/Ranger/6
    Description:Alan Braun is a retired Army spec ops sniper, who spent twenty years working operations across Asia and Europe. He is extremely adept with long-distance rifles, camouflage, and urban and natural surroundings. He escaped the "deny-existance" world of the special ops, and exchanged it for a nice ca...

Retired Characters

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    Annie Anvian (Retired) Human/F/Contr/Witch/1
    "You wanna play too?"
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    Goeban (Retired) Minotaur/M/Def/Warden/1
    "Those who defile nature answer to her wrath by me!"
    Description: Goeban stands 7'4 and over 300 lbs. While the first glance of his fierce apperarcnce would be barbarian or bezerker, he eventually conveys the immobility of s stone rather than the fury of a whirlwind.
    Background: Goeban [Go-Ban] was born among the general kind of his people...the type that is written to scare human children in bedtime stories. While not interested in the ruthless destruction whispered about by Baphomet, his constitution was formable enough to make it near impossible for him ...
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    Armand Fosterton (Retired) Human/M/Stkr/Sorcerer (Elementalist [Fire])/6
    "Her blaze of glory means I live and you burn!"
    Background: Armand Fosterton is a bit unconventional. Let's just say he was thinking of a, "Her blaze of glory means I live and you burn!" option for the end of civilization, when the world actually went Zombie Apocalypse. Armand is that kind of person who should...

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