A down on their luck group of adventurers were hired to procure some mithral for a wizard in Haanex. Pretty normal job, up until the cursed undead attacked them.

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The Crater and the Cave
Another flash of lightning confirmed to the party that the goblins had spotted them. Peren & Girion loosed arrows, bringing a few down quickly, while Rhazan and Liamar rushed down into the crater looking for some cover. One goblin managed to get away in an attempt to warn others in the cave. With them being so warned, the party decided it best to rush in and try to catch them off-guard as best as they could.

And they did so in spades! When a group of guards armored up and charged the party, Liamar stepped forward and blasted them all with a thunder wave, either knocking them unconscious or outright killing them with the thunderous attack. The rest were scattered about, though one did get a good strike in, bringing Liamar to his knees. He was brought back into the fight by a goodberry shoved in his mouth, but the Fury knew he was too weak to continue without a bit of a rest. Peren and Girion attempted to bar a door in what appeared to be a barracks of sort. They even managed a lucky break while tearing down a bed to make the barricade -- inside the bed was nearly a one pound chunk of mithral! That would save them the hassle of what to do about the meteor, as it looked too large to drag out of the crater.

Unfortunately, before they could really catch their breath and rest, the door was splintered by the large axe of the goblin lieutenants! Four goblins, more heavily armed and armored stepped in, each wielding a two-handed blade: two with battle axes, and two with scimitars. They fought with skill and precision, but were really no match for the party. Peren's short sword found many weak points in the goblins' armor, while Girion & Rhazan tried to keep the goblins separated and off-guard. Liamar took one on, but he knew that one good strike could kill him, so he fought a defensive battle, drawing one away from the pack. That worked just long enough for Peren to bury his sword deep in the goblin's lung, finishing the last of them.

A quick check down the hallway gave no indication of any more goblins coming, so the party once again attempted to barricade the doorway and take a rest for Liamar's sake. Once the Fury had regained his strength and stitched up his open wound it was time to move on. They would have to finish off the goblins if they wanted to have enough time to mine the meteor. The rest of the cave was devoid of living goblins. They did find a severed goblin head nailed to a door that exploded with alchemist's fire when they opened it. Nothing of value was found in this room, but it did appear to be the chieftain’s. Completely ransacked and destroyed, the party began to wonder what sort of coup happened with this goblin band. In the torture chamber they found more of the same; destroyed and damaged furniture along with blood soaked tools of torture. They did also find a secret entrance to the other half of the goblin cave, saving them the trouble of doubling back and checking the other entrance. In this cavern, however, they only found the females and goblin pups. While they were mercenaries, they weren't murderers, so the party quietly slipped past them and out of the cave. They still needed to know who or what was in the dimly lit shanty so the party made a stealthy move to check the hut out before bursting in and startling the old man in the room.

The old man introduced himself as Arowain, a wizard captured by the witch Daresh to forge a dangerous artifact known as the Coin of Power. She promised him freedom when he finished the job, though he knew the "freedom" really meant a quick death. Around his room were all sorts of alchemical mixtures and tools, along with books and scrolls detailing many different alchemical and arcane processes.

"The coin is a terrible artifact. It bonds itself to the wielder and grants them destructive power, but at a cost. It will eventually consume the wielder. Daresh cares not for--" Before he could finish, the door exploded inward! Standing in the doorway was an older dejy woman with straight black hair down the middle of her back. Her black robes were limned in gold and silver. Around her waist cinched tightly was a golden belt, and a ruby amulet sparkled in the dim glow of the fire. "Who are you, and what is this disturbance?" she said, imperiously.

The party fumbled for a good lie, and each slowly reached for weapon when Daresh saw the coin in the forge. Summoning it to her hands with telekinesis she screamed, "It's Mine! Mi-AAAIIIIEEEE!!!" She screamed in pain as the white-hot coin fused itself to her hand. She stumbled backward then looked at Rhazan and screamed, "You bastards! You've disfigured me! You will die!" A bolt of black energy shot forth from the coin, only missing Rhazan because Arowain jumped in the way. it severed his arm at the shoulder instantly and the dark energy continued to creep in and infect his body. Daresh then muttered some incantation and teleported away. The shoulder exploded in flesh and blood and black ichor..

Liamar dropped to Arowain's side and attempted to help him, but the wizard warned against it, "Touch me and you'll die, too". He explained that he would die momentarily, and that the party needed to find a way to stop Daresh. With the coin having fused to her, the blood pact ensures she won't be consumed by the coin. Instead, the party will need to forge a new coin to battle hers and destroy the witch, else she conquer any kingdom she wants. "There is another who knows the ritual... He was an old friend of mine; Halaan be his name... I have not seen him in years.. Find him... Get him to help you..." With that, the black energy consumed the wizard, forcing the party to exit the building before he exploded like his arm had done.

With that information, the party prepared to leave, but Cinkus was not about to go without getting a little more mithral. He unloaded the mule and grabbed the tools needed. The party was concerned about the possibility of Daresh returning, but getting a little more cash might help with their situation, so they worked together to mine out whatever veins of mithral they could from the meteor. All in all, they fared pretty well, despite none of them being miners by trade.

They then decided to push on without sleep, putting as much distance between them and the crater as possible. If more goblins were around, or the witch returned, it would be beneficial for them not to be around.

While looking for shelter from the rain, Peren encountered two Ogres fighting over who was going to cook their latest meal. Since their shelter was the best in the area, it seemed only logical to kill them and take their stuff. Peren and Girion loosed arrows, while Rhazan's witchbolt struck true and brought low one of the ogres. The other screamed in agony at seeing his brother's death and moved to kill Liamar. The Fury was too quick for the brutish ogre, striking the knee and leaving a solid opening for Peren to place another arrow in the ogre's throat. One more strike from LIamar's warhammer and it was all over. The "meal" the ogres were fighting over was a dwarf merchant named Stiruck. He was traveling with a group of merchants when they were assaulted by some hobgoblins. He and one other managed to escape, only for Stiruck to be captured by the ogres. Sadly, Stiruck's description of his companion confirmed that she, too, did not make it, as she was the dwarf eaten by the troll the party had encountered the previous day. The dwarf didn't have much money to provide as a reward, but he did give them a script that would provide them some room and board if they were ever to find themselves in Zoa. It was a welcome gift that Rhazan could definitely see himself using, considering he frequents Zoa often.

With pleasantries handled, and the ogre carcasses removed, the party settled in for the night. They still had at least a week's travel to return to Haanex, and it meant crossing the ogre lands, again, along with either going through Adear Loafar, or Dai Weenoo. Neither was a promising prospect, but Dai Weenoo wasn't a boggy forest known for will o wisps and hags, at least...
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Dai Dirounai Ieelio - The Dark Hills
"Nice job finding us a safe camp, oh venerated guide of the wilds!", Cinkus snickered; less than amused while rolling his dice the morning after dealing with the ogrillons. "I'm sorry, maybe next time I dig a hole and stuff you in it for safe keeping?" snapped Girion while binding the wound around his ribs. The gnome gave a wicked smile, "Hehehe, oooh, looks like a struck a nerve there...", before he could finish, Razhan quieted the two and got everyone to break camp and continue on the investigative trek.

The plains they crossed were no doubt controlled by ogres; and likely connected to the four they have already killed. Under Girion & Peren's guide, they stalked across the plains as stealthily as possible, but truth be told, there was little area to hide and they would be spotted soon. Thankfully, Peren spotted them first. Three ogrillons and two bugbear hunters were moving in their general direction, but had not yet spotted the party. The group discussed either trying to hide, ambush or maybe parlay with the monsters, the latter being decided by Liamar when he stood up and shouted forth. One of the bugbears pointed his javelin and screamed, "Food!" and dropped the tempest with a single well-targeted throw.

Peren was pissed they didn't just ambush the stupid giants and kill them all quickly, something he intended to rectify quickly. Between the elf and Razhan, fire and arrows rained across the sky, peppering their enemies and slowing the creatures' advance. Girion shoved a goodberry in Liamar's mouth to get the cleric back up and helping Miana keep the ogrillon from closing on their ranged support. On the other side of the field stood Cinkus, laughing crazily and making a deal with one of the bugbears. The stupid humanoid had no idea he was charmed and he tried in vain to get his ogrillon cohorts to stop fighting. It might have worked had he been the leader, but at the very least, it was more than successful in stopping one of the bugbears from attacking.

A few moments passed and the only enemy left standing was the charmed bugbear. He was less than pleased that the party had to kill his companions, but he was understanding that no harm should come to his very good friend, gnome. Odd that he didn't know gnome's name, but that was unimportant right now. it was most important to make sure gnome was ok after taking a vicious hit from one of the ogrillon's axes. Miana suggested they may need to kill this bugbear before the spell wore off, as he'd either try to get away and warn more of his clan, or possibly stalk and kill them, as bugbears are wont to do. Peren said he could do it cleanly and quickly, so Cinkus reluctantly agreed. While distracted by Cinkus' illusory self, the elf put an arrow directly into the bugbear's jugular. The pierce was so that the blood ran inward through the throat, causing the bugbear to violently asphyxiate on his own blood, falling around, flailing to strike out now that the spell had been disrupted. He swung twice at the illusion, spitting blood all over the ground and crumbling to his knees. Cinkus glared at Peren and made a swift cut on the bugbear's throat with his knife to end the suffering, "Quickly? I think not". Peren merely shrugged. Elves and bugbears have a long history of strife, and obviously this elf has his own grudge against the goblins.

The party made some effort to disguise their tracks and used the information given from the bugbear to skirt around other hunting parties and made their way to Dai Dirounai Ieelio. The weather took a turn for the worse, with storms picking up and the temperature dropping up into the Vyr Naasu Highlands, but the party was feeling good about their situation. With a tempest in tow, storms are generally seen as a good omen, and in this case it was wonderfully helpful. On a narrow pass sat a troll enjoying a recent meal of what appeared to be a dwarf traveler. the wagon and mule were destroyed and the troll was finishing what was left of the dwarf's leg when it looked up and sniffed the air.

Known for their keen scent, the troll should have picked up on the party's location, but the wind and rain obscured the party's approach, allowing Peren to damn near blind the troll with an expertly placed arrow. Razhan repeatedly fired scorching rays at the giant to keep it from regenerating thanks to the guiding bolts lobbed from Cinkus. Liamar moved to aid Miana after she took a particularly nasty set of blows from the troll and, between them both, they managed to sever its head and slay the creature. Razhan ensured its final death by way of repeated acid splashes on the corpse. The party then looked over the cart and found the dwarf to have been some sort of bird trainer/trader. All of the birds had been ripped from their cages and eaten, but the cages were of fine quality and could be sold for a reasonable price if repaired. The dwarf was also carrying a pretty heavy strongbox of coin, so she had been somewhat profitable in her recent ventures. Too bad for her, thought Peren, and the party pocketed their gain before continuing on.

Peren did what was possible to avoid any other trolls in the area and eventually guided the party up around a sight to behold. In the middle of the large thunderstorm stood a couple storm giants throwing rocks where lightning bolts touched ground. It was incredible to watch and Cinkus was most interested in the rules of the game. The giants paid the party no attention if they even noticed the small group of humanoids. After a brief rest, the group continued on looking for somewhere to potentially camp. What they found instead was most exciting.

Coming over a small hill Peren called out to show a fifty foot bowl-shaped crater with a large oblong rock in the center.

Somehow, they managed to find the fallen star! It was also noted that they were not alone here. A small shanty had been erected on the far side of the crater and there were two cave entrances dug out in the crater. A couple goblins slipped out in the rain to chip off a shiny piece of metal from the rock before scampering in out of the rain. Miana was not interested in starting a fight after taking such a beating from the troll, but they had nowhere to hide or rest, so she quaffed a potion of healing and readied her shield. Peren and Girion attempted to move along the slippery edge of the crater to investigate the hut first, but one of the flashes of lightning reflected off Liamar's shield alerting the goblins to their presence!
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Doowar Feanatai
The rain continued as the party pressed onward, not letting up for neaerly a week. The weather had cleared up by the time the party crested the hills of the valley over Doowar Feanatai, providing everyone with a clear view of the strange long-forgotten dwarven tombs. A few dozen small stone capped buildings all perfectly aligned with eachother filled the small valley. Cinkus was less than interested in bothing another graveyard, especially considering their last offenses. However, the alternative was to backtrack a bit and head through Adear Loafar, which would add another couple days to their travel. Of course, the map did list Adear Loafar as a potential location for the fallen star... The others were less superstitious, however, and it was decided they would simply travel through the site and do their best to not disturb any of the tombs. It would take at least a day to cross the valley, and they could see from their vantage that no meteor had landed anywhere unless it was impeccably covered up by someone in the last one-hundred years.

They quietly moved through the dead town-it really did seem like a small village when walking amongst the perfectly placed buildings-hoping to avoid any ghosts or ghouls. What they didn't expect to see was a rather large ogrillon waking up from a nap. He turned and was about to say something when a melodious song filled the air. Girion and Miana, along with the ogrillon were enchanted by the song and began to rush toward its origin: harpies! There were four of them perched on a nearby tree. Peren and Cinkus tried to snipe the current singer, but were unable to fell it before Girion took severe lashes. The ogrillon was offended at seeing the beautiful creature attacked by the party and charged in her honor. The remaining harpies began to sing, enchanting Razhan momentarily.

With half of the party under enchantment, it fell upon Cinkus and Peren to get down to business. Girion continued to be shredded by the harpy trying to feed upon his heart, but Miana broke free and began to slice up the beast. Another harpy came to her sister's aid, but only succeeded in placing herself on the pointy end of the fighter's longsword. Cinkus summoned up his "brother" Dinkus, a similacrum of sorts, and played merry hell with one of the other harpy sisters, confusing and blasting her with guiding bolts, all while laughing maniacally. The harpy did succeed on grabbing the little gnome, but he was too quick to be caught for long. While Peren continued to pepper the harpies attacking his friends, the ogrillon leveled a surprising strike with his heafty axe, nearly dropping the elf in one blow. Thankfully, the enchantment wore off and the ogrillon's senses came back. Since he couldn't find the sneaky rogue, he focused his intent on the harpies. With his aid and Razhan blowing the remaining one out of a tree, the fight ended fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the ogrillon wasn't done. Seeing the arrow in his side was from Peren, he attacked the party, only to be brought low by Girion. The party looted the harpy nest and made haste to find a safer palce to rest for the night. With the dead bodies around, other beasts might be drawn to the scent, and they desperately needed to heal up. Rest would be harder earned than they'd imagine, however...

Once camp was set the party was going to strip off armor and tend to wounds. Thankfully, Razhan's sharp ears caught a rustling in the nearby bushes and launched a witchbolt into the chest of another ogrillon before it rushed in to attack! Looking similar to the one they'd fought before, three ogrilli emerged likely looking for their companion.

Though surprised, the party fought bravely and quickly put an end to the surprise attack. Most impressive was the combined striking of Peren & Miana against one ogrillon, with well-timed attacks cutting one down with ease. Cinkus once again summoned his imaginary friend, causing all sorts of confusion with another ogrillon, leaving him wide open to multiple strikes. The last went down easily from the sustained witchbolt and Girion's silvered short swords.

With the half-ogres now slain, the party realized again they would need to relocate for a good night's sleep. At least there was plenty of fresh meat laying about for any sturm wolves or owlbears in the vicinity...
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Off the Beaten Path it Rained
With supplies loaded and injuries healed up, Girion led the party of Cinkus the fate challenger, Razhan the sorcerer, Haar Lorot the noble and Peren Nialo the rogue out of Haanex. It was Harvest 14 with a pretty decent rainfall and winds rolling in off the coast making it a cold trek out into the Oodum Waif. Their hope was to find some signs of an impact, despite roughly a hundred years since the legendary star fell from the sky.

Their first few days was met with increasing rainstorms, to the point that the party even decided to hold up in their tents and wait out the rain. It was a smart move, ensuring they avoided any unnecessary exhaustion. Peren wisely used the excess rain to look for any strange pooling or run-off trails that would indicate unusual damage to the terrain. Seeing nothing for miles around--save for a small scouting party of hobgoblins that appeared to be following their trail--the party elected to get moving and find a defendable position. Girion noted they were obviously Kalamaran hired mercenaries. It's not uncommon for them to travel up this far north on scouting and training missions. And it's just as likely they'll come and slaughter a small group of travelers for practice. Haar chuckled at the thought of a good practice session. Haar would later be quickly knocked out.

They found a nice spot on a slope with plenty of muddy landscape to slow the hobgoblin's advancement. Girion, Peren and Cinkus peppered their targets with arrows and bolts, but the scouts were armored in chainmail and had already strapped on their shields. Not a single arrow struck true until the battle was equally joined in melee. When the goblins did close, Razhan began blasting away with his signature acid splash, but again, the hobgoblins were well-trained and used their shields to block much of those attacks. The hobgoblin captain shouted commands, splitting his group effectively to harass the party. Girion and Haar went down quickly against two of the goblin's tactics. They worked well as a group and were very dangerous when fighting in formation. Peren, meanwhile, leveled one hobgoblin with a nasty arrow, and freed up Cinkus, if only momentarily, which was just long enough to provide aid to Razhan who was busy being severely beaten by the hobgoblin captain.

The sorcerer would fall again, but not before corroding the face of another hobgoblin and allowing Cinkus to finish off the last of the scouts. The captain then turned his attention to the elf, charging with his great sword. Peren, ever the brave soul, drew his rapier and lunged with bravado, only to watch his blade tip chip and bend against the captain's half-plate armor. He laughed and brought forth a mighty blow, bringing the elf to his knees. He looked, up, seeing nothing but the glare of the sun off the bloody blade. It was his time to die.

Before the blade fell, however, a witchbolt blasted the hobgoblin captain in the back. Razhan was back up. Unfortunately, the spell mostly missed and was ineffective against the heavily armored villain. It did, however, gain the captain's attention and he turned to charge the sorcerer. Screaming, the hobgoblin charged forward blade held high, only missing due to the slippery mud and blood loss from numerous hits. As he came in, Razhan's screams could be heard through the moors, "No, no no no no!!! Shocking GRASP!!!" The sorcerer reached out with a single hand and grabbed ahold of the hobgoblin's nice, conductive metal half-plate. A fizzle and BOOM! like lightning was heard, deafening everyone around momentarily. The hobgoblin stood...confused. His burned lungs exhaled smoke and fleshy cinder as he fell to the ground, dead. Cinkus mended his allies wounds and the party decided that maybe a few more days rest in the moors wasn't such a terrible idea.

It was nearing dusk on Harvest 21 and the party was reaching the shores of Neer Rool. They spotted what appeared to be a lone traveler walking by lantern light along a shallow edge of the lake before a splash and the light went out. They heard a woman's cry for help and the party leapt into action. Cinkus swam out to her while Girion nabbed the pulley from Soola's pack and quickly roped it off to throw out and drag them back in. Razhan cast light upon it to give them ample vision for the task. Unfortunately, the light only helped show their rushing in was a trap. As the woman's hand reached out to grab Cinkus, her claws tore through the flesh and ripped away, revealing a disgustingly clawed arm with boils and fetid flesh. From the shore Razhan screamed, "Look out, it's a Hag!" giving Cinkus just enough time to avoid a nasty slashing cut. The gnome grabbed ahold of the rope screaming in between gulps of water, "Pull me in, pull me in!"

On the shore, the lantern re-appeared as a will-o-wisp and shocked the living hells out of Peren, nearly dropping the elf. The party hesitated for a moment, deciding fight or flight when Cinkus laughed, throwing his magical dice at the hag shouting, "We ain't gonna live forever, Tee hee!" and the fight was on. They traded ranged blows before the Hag rushed to shore slashing at the rogue. A couple magic missiles and a few more radiant dice ended the wisp's attacks, leaving the party to deal with a very angry and very threatening Hag. Surprising everyone, however, was Razhan's successful blast of witchbolt, locking his electrifying magic on the hag, repeatedly shocking her into submission. A few more strikes between Girion and Peren brought the hag to her knees when Cinkus held up his dice and shouted out, "Risk, blow on them for good luck!" and threw forth radiant magic. The dice hit home perfectly, coming up snake-eyes and blowing the hag's head clean off.

They took a few to rest and check on wounds, but most were pretty much unscathed. Razhan, Peren and Cinkus waded out to the islet where the hag's bone hut was located and looted any valuables they could find. Razhan found a decent supply of alchemical reagents, spell components and some incense for rituals, while Peren found a sizeable hoard of coins and gems she had likely looted from corpses. Not having a use for them, the hag and thrown the lot into a bowl and tossed it aside. Otherwise, there wasn't anything of real value so Girion torched the place as the best he could do to honor the dead and the party made camp on the shores for the night. The next day the heroes played a game of chance with Cinkus before breaking camp (he says it's part of his church’s morning prayers, but Girion is beginning to suspect the little gnome just likes taking his money). They were behind original schedule thanks to the weather and the hobgoblin's attacks, but the next stretch was mostly open plains across the Vry Naasu Headlands toward Doowar Feanteai. Few ventured into the old dwarven tombs, so maybe the mithral lay there, unmolested...
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You've got something on your shirt..
Cinkus spent the next day or so trying to convince Razhan and Haar that he had already healed their wounds, muttering gibberish and waving his fingers, and subtly tossing in a little thaumaturgy for some flair. After finally rolling his eyes with the lack of interest shown for his gags, he proceeded to cure the wounds of his companions, and then tottered off around town to see what other mischief he could find. Wandering around the town, Cinkus sniffed the air, but couldn't help noticing the lingering musk of the putrid mausoleum they had breached the night before, which seemed to be stuck in his nose.

He bothered a travelling alchemist who had stopped in for a 3 day stay, pestering him with questions about stickyfoot potions, elixirs of eyelash extension, draughts of lethargy, and other such unhelpful brews. After realizing he was serious about the potion requests, the alchemist promptly attempted to shoo Cinkus away, mentioning that he had better things to be doing, and needed to earn enough money to repair his damaged wagon. Upon hearing this, Cinkus was immediately curious to the nature of the repair, and inquired further. After the alchemist showed him the injured wheel on the far side of the wagon, Cinkus promptly went to work with his tools, much to the surprise of the alchemist. Within half an hour, Cinkus had repaired the damage done to the cart, and bid adieu to the merchant, wishing him the blessing of Risk upon his travels. He did not ask for anything in return for the work, unless the alchemist had any of the odd draughts that Cinkus had inquired about. "Of course I don't have any of those, what self respecting brewer of potions would??" the alchemist replied.
"A simple 'no' would suffice, friend. No need to get all wound up about it," said Cinkus, moderately put off.

Beginning to believe that no one in this blasted pisspot of a city would appreciate his 'talents', Cinkus returned to the Thirsty Hound dejected, but hopeful that the next day would bring new opportunities.
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