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You're all lost. You never should have abandoned the skimmer and struck out into... what did Theoak call it, the marshes? A large group of savage warriors that inhabited the isle are hot on your trail. Far too many to fight and they have terrain advantage. Stumbling through a fen, you race toward higher ground ahead. Harbek and Crusher take up the rear, battling back the closest warriors. Theoak guides the rest up the hillside. Strangely, as you draw closer, it becomes apparent that the craggy hills are actually the ruins of an ancient ziggurat covered in creepers and carpeted with moss.

Pak'Cha thinks you can make a stand there.

What appears to be hundreds of warriors crash through the underbrush into the clearing. Crusher and Harbek have retreated up the hill and formed a perimeter around the party. The warriors rush up the hill, eyes wild with rage. Among them is some sort of witch. When he lays eyes upon you all, he throws his fetish into the sky, convulses wildly, then dramatically catches the implement and smashes it onto the ground...

...The ground begins to tremble, and you feel the earth give way. Anamis summons forth his demonic legs to grab ahold of the wall, but it too crumbles. You all fall and the world goes black.

A rain of small rocks and dust descends upon your heads, but you were lucky enough to have survived. There is no sign of the sky above...
Session: Session 24 - Sunday, Feb 24 2013 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Through the Eyes of a Beast
...Master is in trouble! Must protect! The inix tail lashes about as the best tries to move in between its master and the people attacking. It darts to and fro, trying to avoid the raining ballistae bolts and keep distance from the female attacker. It doesn't smell good. Must keep away from it! The beast shrieks when the woman turns into a blackened cloud of bats, gnashing and biting at all within her range....


Master is dead! Pale one glows... scared... hate/fear flying things... While the arakocra attack, the inix backs itself into a corner, snapping at anything coming too close.


Pale one is angry... tries to hurt... Blue-eyed one calm, smiles at.... NO NO control! Kalinth reaches into the beasts mind, sending wave after wave of calming emotions... Sleep now... blue-eyed one smiles at...


The beast snaps awake in the night; hot breath escaping from its open beak. Eyes dart back and forth. Master![I] Solaris steps out of the shadows with the leg of an aracokra and some water. [I]No, master is dead... Blue-eyes master now... The inix lowers its tail and takes its fill of food and water before going back to sleep.
Session: Session 22 - Sunday, Feb 03 2013 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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