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50-51 - the road to Tyr
Apparently lost the other updates, so a quick one here.

After escaping the gray, the party headed north to secure an alliance with Tyr, seeing as the people of Kalidnay are in desperate need of friends

A short stop witan sandbride and the party made friends with Dalton, a merchant from Altaruk.

Arriving at Tyr, it was apparent that gaining entrance would me nearly impossible due to the sheer magnitude of refugees outside the city. Instead, the party made a deal with house Wavir to enact revenge upon the Black Sands for killing family members.

That proved to be more difficult than gaining entry into Tyr. Zeburon was well guarded, and not the least bit concerned with an attempt on his life. Instead, he made a counter offer on house Wavir. All accepted, save Solaris. The battlemind was left behind to suffer the imagination of Zeburon.
Session: Session 51 - Sunday, Apr 06 2014 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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