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Chapter 7: Simple Plan/Complicated Execution
While preparing for their assault on Tsalaxa's fort, the party spotted a small group of travelers heading in their direction. Two mul slaves led by a woman on an adult inix were journeying to the fort. The party wanted to ambush them, but Anamis had other plans. While the others slipped through the underbrush for a good point of attack, Anamis Black strode out into view and announced his party's plans.

The human, Arra, was a slaver of the Caranok merchants (or raiders, depending on who you ask). She was going to speak with Oathem Tsalaxa about a slave Caranok had interest in. The party offered to pay 1,200gp if Arra would accompany them into the fort, thereby granting them access. She agreed and they paid half up front.

Once in the fort, the party made a solid bluff about interest in good gladiator stock, but plans became muddled when Arra wanted to purchase the same slave, only to have him murdered. Since Kelek's death was the opposite of their goals, the party opted to attack instead. A bloody battle ensued, ending with the death of both Arra and Oathem Tsalaxa. Before they could talk down Tsalaxa's slaves, however, a massive dust devil, followed by a flock of arakocra, assaulted the fort, leaving damage in its wake.

If I'd known it was gonna be that kind of party...

The dust devil seemed to be fueled by pure rage, and had no direct interest in any of the heroes; it just wanted to cause damage and strife. After tearing through the fort it continued onward leaving the party in a bad place against the arakocra scavengers.

Bird bird bird, the bird is the word !

When the blood and feathers had finally cleared, Crusher and Anamis lay bleeding out on the walls, Pak'Cha was being hauled back into the tower through the window, and Sanguine was trying to hold her innards in until she could regenerate. The arakocra were scattered, but not entirely unsuccessful. They had managed to steal a few magical items from the party before fleeing, though their numbers had significantly dwindled.

The party would survive, however, and had been successful in rescuing Kelek. There were five other slaves, too; each of them more grateful than the next. And each had offers of their own...
Session: Session 22 - Sunday, Feb 03 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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