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Chapter 7: Into the Silt Sea
The very strange meeting of Theoak had the party legitimately confused. Harbek arrived at the fort too late to help them with the slavers... and returned... different.

With a good rest and recovery of the Crodlu, the heroes gathered up the necessary supplies and led the survivors of Tsalaxa Fort to the city of Samarrah. The skimmer was ready to go and the party wasted little time in packing up and continuing their journey out into the silt sea. Theoak accompanied them, seeing as he had no clue how to find his way home alone; and Harbek was still acting strangely from his encounter with the defiled terrain.

A few days out into the estuary the party had finally arrived at the mouth; gateway between the estuary and the expanse known as the silt sea. Like everything else on Athas, this was no mere delta. Rather, this jagged, rocky deathtrap was one of the most dangerous paths one could take. Many of the thruways are filled with hidden dangers and impassable razor sharp rocks. It was slow going, but the party was finding their way through. Unfortunately, the winds kept visibility to a minimum, making it much harder to spot the ambush that lay waiting.

Bursting from along cracks in the rocks were a number of crystal spiders. The entire passage was covered in the spiders' crystalline webs, making movement difficult, allowing the spiders to gain the upper hand. As if that wasn't enough, a crystal spider-queen emerged from the silt to claim her prize, killing the dwarf slave Azag. This sent Harbek into a furious rage, and the warden slaughtered many spiders standing in between him and the huge monstrosity.

It was a sickening battle, only ended by Pak'Cha's unwillingness to die, Theoak's command of nature, and Harbek's fury. With the spider queen dead, the party set to mending wounds. It was a weak victory, and the heroes knew more spiders would come if they didn't move quickly.

Nearly two days later, they finally escaped the mouth and nothingness greeted them. An endless wasteland of silt. Somewhere in this hazardous sea lie the isle of silver, and they were determined to find it...
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