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Bloodsworn III
The shouting around Harbek, faded away as he focused his attention on Nettle. It had been a long time since he had seen his mentor, never looking like this...

In Nettle's prime, he was full of energy and spirit. It was part of his training. He would tell all of his students that strengthening nature would strengthen one's own body and mind. Rejuvenate the spirit and rewarded with energy. Expend the energy in defense of nature, preserving it. It was a cycle, like any other in nature. "That is the beauty of nature." Nettle would say, "It can continue to grow, no matter the condition it's in. It will always find a way! It can rebuild itself from practically nothing, or sustain itself on scales we may never fully understand."

On the boat, Harbek stared at Nettle, taken back by what he saw. Nettle was a strong shaman. He lived as he preached. Harbek couldn't imagine what it took to weaken Nettle so. Symbiosis was one of Nettle's favorite subjects. He always reminded us that we could depend on each other as much as we depended on the primal spirit. "It is natural to take from your surroundings. Plants take in sun and water. Predators take the lives of other animals. Never too much. Only what they need!"

Harbek was breathing deeply, grimacing as he did, as if smelling the corruption on Nettle. "Whatever they did to you, it was too much! They went too far. I'm here for you now. As you shared with me, I will do the same with you. My Font of Life will let you regain some spirit! We could use your help."

Nettle's eyes began to clear. Harbek picked him up and leaned him against the mast of the boat, bringing a waterskin to his lips. "I need you to do something. You always used to trick the new trainees with your wind. Remember?" Nettle's head turned to look at Harbek. "You would tell them some fancy story about learning patience. Waiting for some plant to grow or the wind to come. Do you remember that?" Nettle nodded, wearily. "Good!! I need you to give our sails some wind! We need to get you out of here. I need your help, finding something. You still have contacts, I'm sure of it, but get us out of here!!"

Nettle, helped up by Harbek, takes hold of the mast and began his familiar deep humming. Harbek shouted "That's it!! You got it old friend!" A wind swept up, filling the sails, giving a surge of energy to the boat. Nettle, stumbled back down, next to the mast with a smile, "I still got it. Now get to it, stop staring at me, you always forgot how awkward it was to be stared at by a giant dwarf..."
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Harbek and the spirit-seed
It was an afterthought on the way back to Balic. Harbek still felt that fire deep within his spirit, stirring up his emotions into disarray. His encounters with the giants at North Ledopulous had lead him to believe there was a chance of a new pact. The might of the giants would bolster the strength of the twin settlements. Their focus changed... towards building reputation! All with his uncle leading, with the wisdom of a dwarf.

All those thoughts of a new day, vanished after leaving the temple. Harbek kept asking himself if he could remember any giants in Balic. A far'fetched idea, out of desperation.

"Desperation...?" Harbek thought to himself. "I've never been desperate. I focus my strength, maybe charge forward in a rage, but never needing to kill. I always wanted it THERE'S A DIFFERENCE!! Solaris and Sanguine may have some insight. I've seen them under the influence of something, not acting like their usual selves. Maybe they can help, after I get some rest."

Waking midday, after his late night shift, Harbek realized he had taken for granted his luck in the temple. It was an honor to have come in contact with those primal spirits. Something that will likely never happen again. But the seed remained. For all that had happened, was happening and will happen, the seed had to be found. In order to do so, he had to control his urge to hunt down giants.

"Solaris, when you have a minute, find me. I have something to ask you."
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