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Bloodsworn III
The shouting around Harbek, faded away as he focused his attention on Nettle. It had been a long time since he had seen his mentor, never looking like this...

In Nettle's prime, he was full of energy and spirit. It was part of his training. He would tell all of his students that strengthening nature would strengthen one's own body and mind. Rejuvenate the spirit and rewarded with energy. Expend the energy in defense of nature, preserving it. It was a cycle, like any other in nature. "That is the beauty of nature." Nettle would say, "It can continue to grow, no matter the condition it's in. It will always find a way! It can rebuild itself from practically nothing, or sustain itself on scales we may never fully understand."

On the boat, Harbek stared at Nettle, taken back by what he saw. Nettle was a strong shaman. He lived as he preached. Harbek couldn't imagine what it took to weaken Nettle so. Symbiosis was one of Nettle's favorite subjects. He always reminded us that we could depend on each other as much as we depended on the primal spirit. "It is natural to take from your surroundings. Plants take in sun and water. Predators take the lives of other animals. Never too much. Only what they need!"

Harbek was breathing deeply, grimacing as he did, as if smelling the corruption on Nettle. "Whatever they did to you, it was too much! They went too far. I'm here for you now. As you shared with me, I will do the same with you. My Font of Life will let you regain some spirit! We could use your help."

Nettle's eyes began to clear. Harbek picked him up and leaned him against the mast of the boat, bringing a waterskin to his lips. "I need you to do something. You always used to trick the new trainees with your wind. Remember?" Nettle's head turned to look at Harbek. "You would tell them some fancy story about learning patience. Waiting for some plant to grow or the wind to come. Do you remember that?" Nettle nodded, wearily. "Good!! I need you to give our sails some wind! We need to get you out of here. I need your help, finding something. You still have contacts, I'm sure of it, but get us out of here!!"

Nettle, helped up by Harbek, takes hold of the mast and began his familiar deep humming. Harbek shouted "That's it!! You got it old friend!" A wind swept up, filling the sails, giving a surge of energy to the boat. Nettle, stumbled back down, next to the mast with a smile, "I still got it. Now get to it, stop staring at me, you always forgot how awkward it was to be stared at by a giant dwarf..."
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Chapter 9: The Ivory Dungeon

With Pak'Cha having distracted the guards, the heroes made their way into the inner court of the White Palace. Surprising them all, Solaris' bonding with the athame took them into a dining hall. Obviously not a normal place to find a secret dungeon.

The entrance was hidden beneath the marble table; and what a magnificent mechanical masterpiece it was! As the mosaic shifted into a spiral staircase, the party made their way down into the Ivory Dungeon.

Once in, they set about to finding Hargo and anyone else that might be worth rescuing. After a nasty battle against the dungeon guards--a group of flameskulls, hulking zombies and iron cobras-- the party found Hargo. They figured out how to pick the locks and then located the veiled alliance member. Gendra was her name.

The old alliance member begged to be killed, however, rather than saved. Her death would trigger a magical warning to other veiled alliance leaders. The party refused the kill order and grabbed a few other prisoners; most notably Harbeks old mentor, Nettle and a foul-mouthed elf named "Vulgar" Rex.

As they made their way out of the dungeon, Sanguine heard approaching guards and the party was barely able to hide before crossing paths with none other than Androponis himself! Once he was debriefed by the palace Praetor, the hall was emptied and the heroes once again made their escape.

"Vulgar" Rex suggested the party disguise themselves as Legion guards to make their escape easier. Conveniently, there was a nearby barracks empty of soldiers. While the party changed, Gendra once again pleaded to die. Solaris handed over his carrikal and allowed her the honor of killing herself. Before she died, Gendra tasked the party with locating alliance members in Tyr.

Getting out of the Palace proved to be easy with Crusher in uniform. No soldier was brave enough to question his orders. Anamis magically sealed the gates behind them and they prepared to flee. Unfortunately, they had one final obstacle; Darian Haraxes.

Across the cobblestone road stood Praetor Haraxes, his Justicator braxat, and roughly three hundred of the 1st Legion, including Prelate Lanius. Haraxes ordered the Legion to attack, but Lanius would not acquiesce. He simply stated that he'd always wanted front row seats to one of Crusher's matches. The heroes breathed a sigh of relief as Harbek shouted and charged the Praetor.

It was over in an instant. Magic and psionics clashed while weapons broke and rang out. The 1st Legion stood silently amidst the chaos. Crusher and Solaris focused on Haraxes, while Harbek and Malla kept the braxat off-balance. Anamis drew forth his hellish powers and brought low all of Haraxes' personal headhunters, while landing the killing blow against the praetor. Sanguine was a whirl of blood and shadow, striking at any enemy within her reach.

As soon as Haraxes fell dead, the braxat's mind was free from its prison. The giant beast howled in rage, then fell silent as three hundred spears found their mark. Prelate Lanius nodded to the heroes and took Hargo's athame from Solaris. he placed the sword in Haraxes hand and plunged his own spatha into the Praetor's lifeless body, "It appears we have apprehended the traitor."

Nothing else needed saying. The party made their way to Kaylen's skimmer and off into the estuary they went. Unfortunately, there were three interceptors hot on their tail. "Second Legion skimmers! They're none too happy about us leaving port without saying goodbye!" shouted the captain...
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A history of blood and violence
Journal entry, dragon's palate

We've been following an escort group for three days now. They've got our quarry, a defiler, named chandra. She defiles to gain power, a thirst that is not easily quenched after prolonged use. Chandra has some information on defilers that have their corrupting veins in the local municipalities south of the mekillot mountains.

We numbered more than half a dozen. Four of us had been recruited by nettle, the others were from a separate cell, local to the area. They were also our guides. They had come upon the same network of defilers on their own. Marten was leading our group, one of the locals. He was a strong leader, keeping the group moving at a quick pace, while conserving our energy.

Chandra was being escorted to a meeting between a governor and herself representing the interests of an unknown party, an individual whose identity we're hoping Chandra will give up. I don't expect her to go easy, but no matter how long it takes, we'll bleed her of everything she knows. This may be the way into the network I've been looking for. The sporadic attacks on mining facilities lead to little information, only that a single owner came in and invested to rebuild. He now owns a large majority of the facilities in the mekillot mountain area.

The trail has brought us to blackroc fort, an outpost dedicated to being a buffer against raiders and pirates. The sergeant on watch was able to tell us about Chandra's quick stop. Purchasing some supplies and asking around about local events, she made her way out of the fort before mid day. We got a direction from the sargeant and picked up her group's tracks.

We followed the group until dusk came upon us. Keeping a watch on their rest site, we kept our fire low and well concealed by a barrier. Both parties had made their camp sites along the coast. I took second watch, and it was right before my watch ended, that the commotion started. I raised Marten and the others. We heard the screaming and shouting, then saw the outlines.

A large being lumbered around their site, accompanied by a fairly large group of medium sized bipedal beings. The lumbering giant bellowed, and it wasn't until then that Marten ordered our fire to be put out. We waited until dawn, concealing ourselves as best we could. Once clear, we proceeded to investigate the camp site. What was left was an indescribable sight of carnage. The memory of Chandra's body missing her head, I will never forget. It looked like the skin around her neck and shoulders had been stretched and scraped. Marten said her head had been taken by the giant. And With it, my chance.
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Dear Harbek,
I received your letter and package via courier. I am very grateful for your contribution to the cause. It is extremely generous, and will be a boon to a great many deal of our warriors. You were always very passionate about our issue, and I can see that my training was not in vain. I take it you are doing well working for this merchant, I will do what I can to gather some background on this individual you mentioned. Your letter was very vague as to why he peaked your interest, but considering your contribution, it's very fair.

Sad story about the Balic-based group you told me. Do not blame yourself for this loss, you did what you could. We should be able to recuperate our losses with what you gave. Also in return for your generous contribution, I have sent some items of interest that you requested, plus an old training item of yours. I hope this will solidify our long-standing relationship, and your future contributions. Your aid is needed more than ever. You have a good heart, strong will and courageous soul. They will lead you to victory my friend.


Harbek looked up from the letter, nodding with content, and sighing with relief that he had received a return letter from his old mentor. Walking back towards his bunk, he rummaged through the package. In it was an amulet that held the life and spirit of the land, a sleek pair of form-fitting boots and an old belt that Harbek used to train in his younger years. He had enjoyed his time in the merchant group, and would continue to profit. Although, he never forgot what he set out to accomplish. His failure to help the Alliance group in Balic weighed heavy on his mind, and so he had chosen to rekindle an old friendship.
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Epic × 2!
A grin began to reveal itself on Harbek's face. Missing a couple teeth and a chipped tooth never helped in his attempts to make friends or socialize. The confidence in himself seemed foolish and misplaced, leading the casual observer to believe him to have been a lucky dwarf. Harbek scanned the room, taking note of friend and foe. His comrades were beaten and bloody, just as this fight was about to break out. Their foes stood strong with swords that carried an energy along the blade. Harbek wasn't one to back down.


Silt clung to the wheels of the cart. It moved slowly along the road, surrounded by sandy dunes. The driver kept his head low, using his wide-brimmed hat to shield himself from the sun. The back was covered, and in it were two individuals conversing with one another. Both were of average height, a half-elf and a dwarf. The dwarf was young, not quite having reached maturity yet, but a thick back from years of labor.

Nettle "Events like these are becoming more common. It has nothing to do with you, your family or friends."

Harbek "That so? Don't make sense otherwise. What's he get out of the mine with no workers? You think he was hired by Klag, so he can get the business all to himself?"

Nettle "Klag's not doing too well, he's dead. We passed through a couple of his mines, on our way through. Whoever did this doesn't think like you or me. Just a killer I suppose."

Harbek picks at a scab on his forearm, one that's not quite ready to come off "Killer, huh? He was more than that, like he was spawned to kill. Spawned to spawn little killers to do his work, but tell me what you know about these kind of killers." The scrape on his arm began seeping blood again. Harbek lifted his arm to his mouth.

Nettle "I know a lot about people like this Harbek I used to hunt them. You're not the first to land in a situation like this. You won't be the last. Now I'm too busy to go after them myself, but I pass on what I know. If you stay with me, you have to stay full four years, understand?"

Harbek "Yeah, not like I have much else going on in my life right now! Hahaha!!" A full smile emerged from his chapped lips.


Harbek continued smiling, while sheathing his axe. "I met a man by the name of Nettle years back. I think he was like you folks. He taught a lot about how to live my life. He also told me about defilers. He showed me how to use the primal energies to fight. He was a strong shaman. So let's talk about what we know before we get hasty. I'd hate to have to keep my oath and cut you down at the same time. That is, I think we're after the same thing here."
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