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Chapter 8: Out of the Darkness
Will Update Later.

Suffice to say, stuff happened.
Session: Back to the Dungeon - Sunday, May 05 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Chapter 8: Backtracking
Harbek quickly discovered that their previous path was now blocked. A cave-in, likely caused by Whelm, forced the heroes to find a new path. Thankfully, there were many others to choose from. Unfortunately, one of which was full of dead bodies.

The party chose the path less necromantic, and they made their trek back toward the upper tiers. There were only a few minor delays, and the poisonous air, being expected, was not nearly as dangerous this time around. Eventually, they found themselves back in the room full of strange, stuffed felines, and chose a new doorway. This led them through to a partially crumbled chamber with yet another hostile surprise. An amphisbaena had made its home in the rubble and struck out against the party. Despite having (two) nasty heads, it was quickly dispatched and the party found stairs that took them up.

Their elation was short-lived. Only one door at the end of a passageway was found. What they saw inside brought forth a terrible scream from Sanguine. The chamber was rife with the necromantic aura of the Gray. Harbek reluctantly closed the door, and the party made their way back downstairs. Since that way was blocked, they chose the another doorway. This time, they discovered another primal spirit. An ancient tree rooted in brackish water barred their path. It lashed out and attacked when they came near, but recoiled when it realized Harbek was a primal warrior. Calling itself Xilonen, it explained that it was a tree of life, long since corrupted by Zotzilaha's evil magic. It apologized for the attack, and begged to be destroyed, but not before pleading with Harbek to locate and protect its seed.

They held up in that room for a long rest. Each was too exhausted to continue. They had been traveling in circles with no end in sight. Crusher did his best to calm Malla's nerves. After far too long in the darkness, Harbek struck up a torch and got everyone moving again. They had one final door to check; hopefully it was a way out.

As they entered the small hallway, Pak'Cha grew impatient and moved to open the door, hoping for an exit. His rash behavior once again set off a trap, awakening a number of ancient constructs. The guardians struck hard, but were brittle and easily destroyed. Finally, after all their trials, they had found...

...Another dead end. In this hallway was some sort of shrine; a huge statue of a giant-like creature lay at one end, and a small well of reddish liquid lay opposite. In the moth of the giant statue rested a large feline. Tacked along the walls were the flayed skins of humans, left out to dry... Harbek shook his head, "We should've gone through the gray."
Session: Session 27 - Sunday, Mar 24 2013 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Chapter 8: Tlacaelel's Prison
The imp Anamis summoned was helpful in mapping out the halls for them, but limited in usefulness since it could not open doors. It did, however, provide them with the most likely path out of the temple, though there were still obstacles to overcome...

One of which was a pelota game. The ancient worshippers of this temple must have participated in the game as part of a ritual, and the game itself was animated. When Crusher lifted the strange ball, it came to life and began moving for it's scoring sphere. naturally, the party wasn't about to lose a game, and quickly set about forcing it through their sphere. As it turns out, what they lack in overall combat effectiveness, they make up in pelota teamwork.

With the game ended, the ball vanished and the party continued on their trek. Coming to a large pentagonal room, the party found an ancient calendar of some sort with a hidden passageway behind it. Inside, they broke a seal and entered what appeared to be a model city of some sort, likely similar to what was above them now. In the center was a sarcophagus that opened upon their entering. Sanguine did her best to fool the creature into believing she was Tlocas Popolacas, the vampire they encountered previously, but Anamis' interference made the vampire lord suspicious. He summoned his wight servants and the battle was joined.

The fight would have been easy were it not for the weapon the vampire, Tlacaelel, wielded. A warhammer of dwarven make, exuded power. A constant humming could be heard throughout the chamber, which exploded with a thunderous clap when it struck its target. The combined might of the party was able to overcome Tlacaelel, however, and Sanguine made no plea for his life, this time.

Harbek took up the hammer, which seemed to accept him warmly. The hammer had been asleep for too long. It needed to continue it's reason for existence... eradicating giants.

After a brief rest the party continued their search for an exit. They happened upon what appeared to be a teleportation circle. They could not tell where the portal went, but figured it must likely be a way out. The heroes cautiously agreed to go through, with Crusher giving Anamis a very clear promise of pain if things went badly.

Pak'Cha exited first, finding himself in a familiar room; one with frescos depicting war and the building of a temple. The air was once again burning his tracheal system. They were back in the lower halls. Anamis tried to revert the portal, but it appeared to be a one-way circle. They would have to try and retrace their steps, again...
Session: Session 26 - Sunday, Mar 17 2013 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Chapter 7: The Eye of the....Nope, too easy

Yep, and it was awesome.
Session: Session 25 - Sunday, Mar 03 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Chapter 7: Oooh That Smell, Can't You Smell That Smell?
The world has stopped tumbling. The air roils with dust kicked up from the collapse of the earth; it is humid and smells putrid, choking the heroes; save Harbek, who was used to the poisons of the deep; and Sanguine, who was, well, too dead to notice...

The heroes survived the fall only to find themselves trapped in some ancient underground building. Writing on the walls, and strange sculptures marked this as some ancient shrine or temple to long-forgotten deities. That was of little interest, however, as the air was literally killing the party, forcing them to act quickly and find an exit.

In their Search for an exit, the party encountered a strange primal spirit in the form of a giant hermit crab. It called itself Kalka-Kylla, and was once a god to the primitive peoples above ground. Kalka-Kylla attempted to defend its prison against the intruders, but was severely outmatched. In fact, it would have been killed were it not for Harbek wishing to spare its life. Solaris (or was it Kalinth) talked the beast down, and the heroes attempted to communicate and discern a way out.

There's a sex joke here somewhere...

Kalka-Kylla advised they go through the eastern door, though it was unaware that a cave-in had blocked the exit completely. While determining their next course of action, Theoak noticed a stone that was out of place and Malla forced it aside. Their hopes of another exit was crushed when Pak'Cha triggered a gas trap that left most of the heroes unconscious and awoke a vampire from her repose.

Anyone got any silver? I heard vampires are vulnerable to silver...

The creature called herself Tloques-Popolocas, and was eager to enjoy a meal after centuries of sleep. She was surprised to see another vampire with the party, and offered to share in the food if Sanguine aided her. Unfortunately for Tloques-Popolocas, Sanguine wasn't hungry, and the still-conscious heroes made short work of the vampire. Sanguine begged the party spare its life, as she had never encountered another of her kind. Malla and Solaris would hear none of that, however, and ordered Crusher to sever its head.

Solaris then used an unguent on Theoak to revive him, hoping the Halfling knew of a way to wake the others. Unfortunately, the Halfling was planning on duplicating the very same unguent for that very purpose. They were running out of time. Pak'Cha appeared to be seeping whatever thri-kreen had as blood from all over his chitinous body.

Crusher and Solaris hauled their unconscious comrades back to the chamber containing Kalka-Kylla and implored it to help them. The creature knew of one way to aid the heroes and performed a ritual at their behest. After a few minutes, Harbek and Pak'Cha were back on their feet, only to witness Kalka-Kylla expend the last of its primal essence and begin to fade and die.

Theoak took little notice of this turn of events as he was busy scribbling strange symbols in the mud while asking some bones for the way out. Once he was finished the Halfling pointed to a mud-filled doorway and the heroes started digging. As the heroes entered the next chamber they heard a strange alluring sound. Much to their dismay, some creature was attempting to wrest control of their thoughts!
Session: Session 24 - Sunday, Feb 24 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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You're all lost. You never should have abandoned the skimmer and struck out into... what did Theoak call it, the marshes? A large group of savage warriors that inhabited the isle are hot on your trail. Far too many to fight and they have terrain advantage. Stumbling through a fen, you race toward higher ground ahead. Harbek and Crusher take up the rear, battling back the closest warriors. Theoak guides the rest up the hillside. Strangely, as you draw closer, it becomes apparent that the craggy hills are actually the ruins of an ancient ziggurat covered in creepers and carpeted with moss.

Pak'Cha thinks you can make a stand there.

What appears to be hundreds of warriors crash through the underbrush into the clearing. Crusher and Harbek have retreated up the hill and formed a perimeter around the party. The warriors rush up the hill, eyes wild with rage. Among them is some sort of witch. When he lays eyes upon you all, he throws his fetish into the sky, convulses wildly, then dramatically catches the implement and smashes it onto the ground...

...The ground begins to tremble, and you feel the earth give way. Anamis summons forth his demonic legs to grab ahold of the wall, but it too crumbles. You all fall and the world goes black.

A rain of small rocks and dust descends upon your heads, but you were lucky enough to have survived. There is no sign of the sky above...
Session: Session 24 - Sunday, Feb 24 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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