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What it takes
Harbek basks in the glory of their triumph in the arena, boosting his confidence, he begins to think to himself.

I'm not about to celebrate with some dainty nobles after our hark work. Ahhh, the unsuspecting noble brother... looking around at something. We're not out of the woods yet, this guy knows somethings up, I see it. He can feel it, the sword has a presence and he looks to be searching for something familiar. Those fools must have brought it. They need to get out of this crowd and find a place to lay low. Let's see if they can do something this...

Harbek approaches the high praetor, speaks up with a smile spreading across his face, "You ever drank with a dwarf?!"

The High-Praetor looks down, annoyed with his concentration being broken, "YES."

Harbek's smile fades a bit, but returns with a chuckle, "Well you ever drank with a dwarf that just won his arena match?!"

High-Praetor Tomblador's annoyance grew, "YES, and it was like drinking with any other dwarf, vulgar and pointless. Maybe this party will teach you something about manners and etiquette because your memory will fade quickly, and you will be nothing more than a nobody, as much as the dead of The Gray. Anything else you care to converse about."

Harbek eyes the High Praetor, smile turned smirk, "Nah, I guess I'll see you later."
Session: Session 17 - Sunday, Dec 09 2012 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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